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Apr 22, 2012 02:33 PM

near Logan Airport

My niece has a 3 hour layover so I will drive up and take her to dinner. There may be a small group of us so recs near Logan are most welcome and not too complicated as far as driving and parking. It will be around 4 PM on a Friday in June.

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  1. Rino' s on Saratoga St is a great low key Italian restaurant, it is actually one of my favorite restaurants in the city, about a 10 minute drive from airport including parking. Parking is on the street but not usually hard to find. They take reservations for 6 or more. If there are less than 6 I wouldn't risk the wait because it can be looooong. If you go Lobster Ravioli are a must have. Good luck on your search.

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    1. re: debby29b

      I was thinking Rino's and by now the Triple D hype is over.

      1. re: phelana

        4PM on a Friday should be easy to get into Angel's Cafe in East Boston for my favorite Mexican food in the area. Small, but at that hour, a small group would fit. Puebla style menu and very good. A board favorite.

        1. re: phelana

          It is still quite busy, but always worth it!

      2. Tacqueria Jalisco (tacos etc) and Rincon Limeno (Peruvian fired seafood and ceviche) are walking distance from airport or a very short drive.

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        1. re: gourmaniac

          not necessarily an easy walk from the actual airport, but the free shuttle will drop you at airport station and you can walk from there.

          will add santarpio's to this list for pizza.

          1. re: hotoynoodle

            good point. I meant airport blue line MBTA station.

        2. If your niece has a 3 hour layover you will be cutting it very close. I live in East Boston and
          parking can be a challenge. At 4 PM on a Friday traffic can be backed up especially if there
          is bad weather. If her flight is delayed you will have less then 3 hours to pick her up and find
          parking, eat, and then get her back in plenty of time for her connecting flight. You might be better
          off to wait for her in the waiting area of the terminal and then try to find something quick in that
          area...albeit it might not be as appetizing but better to be safe than run the risk of missing
          the connecting flight. As a retired travel professional this would be what I would have advised
          my clients. The restaurant scene here in East Boston is undoubtedly great but nonetheless
          I still think it might not be the best idea however well intentioned it might be.

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          1. re: rob44

            I didn;t see the time on the OP. Agree with rob44 but one solution would be for you to get takeout on your way to the airport (e.g. Santarpio's pizza) and meet her and dine there. The other food court diners will be so jealous.

            1. re: rob44

              I agree that that might be cutting it really close. 4 pm on a summer Friday ... traffic around the airport can be pretty nuts.

              While not particularly chow-worthy, there are a bunch of restaurant within the confines of the airport itself. Including a Lucky's lounge for some reason....


              1. re: C. Hamster

                I always stay at the Hilton the night before a flight out and I've found that the Legal Seafood at Terminal C is quite good. I'm not generally a fan, but last time I had some nicely shucked oysters and cajun scallops which I would definitely go back for. The guy sitting next to me was from Phoenix and getting his last fried clam fix. He liked them well enough to get 3 appetizer size orders. Legal Seafood and Legal C Bar are both PRE-security so that could work for you.

            2. Forget about parking on any street in eastie. You can actually be thru the Ted Williams and in the seaport district as fast or faster then trying to park and navigate thru eastie.
              Look into Yankee lobster or even the legals in the seaport district.
              There is a legals at terminal c at Logan before security.

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              1. re: libertywharf

                Completely disagree - have never had problems parking around Angela's, Santarpio's or Rincon Limeno, but I may have good parking karma.

                1. re: Bob Dobalina

                  ^ parking in Eastie has never been a problem for me either (and my karma is suspect).

              2. Never had a problem finding a space on the street near Angela's Cafe. Lunch or dinner! It's a little tricky finding it, but a gps will get you there if you really want Mexican food.

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                1. re: CocoDan

                  Angela's - good sauces and not great meat. Good by Boston standards.

                    1. re: Infomaniac

                      it should be tender and juicy and not dry; i did like the sides and the sauces.

                      i did not find parking difficult on a weekend night.

                  1. re: CocoDan

                    Rosa Mexicano is about to open in the seaport area on B street. Ted Williams to exit 25, straight across the exit and it will be on the right.