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Kaffir Lime Leaves - Lowell?

I struck out at Russos and H-Mart, but I'll be in the Lowell area this week and was wondering if anyone has seen these at any of the Asian markets there? Battambang Market maybe?

Are these used in Indian cooking? There are a few large Indian markets on Moody St. in Waltham that are convenient to me, but not sure if that's something that would be sold there.

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  1. I have a Thai recipe that I need them for, but despite living in a college town with five Asian grocery stores [and about a quarter Asian], I cannot find them.

    1. I remember looking for them last spring to no avail. Perhaps they are seasonally unavailable?

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        I ended up buying a Kaffir Lime tree from a nursery in northern CT... couldn't find them anywhere in Boston, even dried. But lately, I have seen them in the Asian section of WFM's, dried..

      2. I buy perfect fresh cheap kaffir lime leaves in NYC now.

        I bought somany the last time that I'm infusing vodka with some.

        1. Over the past year, i have found Kaffir lime leaves a few times at Russo's (in small clear plastic tubs next to the herbs, don't confuse w/ bay leaves) and last week found them at the Burlington Market Basket in the produce section (just labelled "lime leaves"), which has a fantastic diversity of produce for a standard supermarket.

          However, it is hit or miss (mostly miss). They are more often not there than there, but whenever i find them I buy them. They keep pretty well in the freezer too.

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            Where in the Burlington MB? In the lettuce/normal herbs area or in the area where they focus more on asian vegetables?

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              I can't remember where exactly, but I think it may have been with the asian vegetables, maybe near the ginger and turmeric root and galangal? They were in a clear square-shaped plastic tub and the label on the side says "lime leaf."

              Maybe ask someone working there if you can't find them. I'm pretty sure it was not where the lettuce and cilantro is.

          2. haven't seen kaffir lime leaves at any of the se asian markets in lowell in quite awhile. there are plenty of kaffir lime trees for sale at the water festival in august though

            1. It is a bit far a field (20 minutes from Lowell), and they are usually frozen, but Lanna Asian Market on Amherst Street in Nashua almost always has kaffir lime leaves.

              1. I was going to suggest Battambang, they have lots of crazy stuff.

                1. I know it's been a month, but I'm just getting back online. I was able to find the lime leaves at Hong Kong Market. Had to ask the woman at the counter since nothing is labeled...you just need to know what you are looking for. There are a lot of greens and leaves that look similar. I was able to score a few other items up the ramp as well.

                  By the way, Russos has had lime leaves back in stock in the herbs section. I grabbed some and froze them. Tasted great in some Thai curries.

                  1. FYI - Kaffir lime leaves were at Burlington Market Basket yesterday in produce section; in sub-isle with asian vegetables on one side, organic vegetables on the other. Specifically, on asian vegetable side, top shelf between tamarind in a box and peeled coconuts.

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                      Just got them at Burlington MB 10 minutes ago. In w the asian veggies.

                    2. Is this a seasonal product? I would like some for a red curry fish dish. I work in Boston and wondering if there is a place I could get them there. TIA.

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                        It's been my experience that they are generally easy to find. Often Russo's has them, if not every southeast Asian market does, which means basically the Asian markets in Quincy, Lowell, Revere or Lynn.

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                          Often when the fresh aren't available an SEA grocery will have some in the frozen section.

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                            Won't help you on your commute, but the Market Basket in Burlington has them quite often.. so maybe some other MB's do as well..

                          2. Since I take the train from the Cape to Boston the suburb are hard for me to get to. Is there anyplace in Chinatown that might have them?

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                              Maybe Ming's or the old 88 (now HK Mrkt?) on S. Washington--try the freezers.

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                                sunsun market-call wilson. if he doesn't have them, he prob knows who does. super 88 by myers and chang-likely. otherwise, indian market in central sq maybe. freezer usually.

                              2. seriously go to google and search for kaffir lime trees, we bought one about four years ago and haven't had to buy leaves since. its a way better solution/

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                                  Fairly easy to grow, grow in a pot and you can leave out outside in the summer.
                                  You'll have more leaves than you'll know what to do with.