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Apr 22, 2012 01:50 PM

Portuguese in Providence

What can anyone tell me about the Portuguese food scene in Providence. I know that the Foxpoint neighborhood once had a Portuguese influence but it has changed. Looking for a good local place.

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  1. Although not in Prov. but in East Prov about 4 miles away is ODinis being italian and growing up in a Portuguese neighborhood this place IMO is the best in Portuguese food Its fun small and you will love it.

    1. You can't go wrong making the 15 minute drive to Fall Rive and hitting up Sagres. Wonderful old style Portuguese food, plenty of it, and pretty cheap as well. Try the marinated pork with littlenecks for only $13....fuggetaboutit!...Highly recommended.

      Check out the menu here:

      1. a couple months back,my wife found the holy ghost club,in the basement of the holy ghost church in east providence.its a restaurant-bar, club type thing,open to the public,great food,cheap etc...the night we went,they had live entertainment,a guy on the keyboards,fun times..only problem was the lighting,way to bright,but if thats the worst thing......