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Apr 22, 2012 01:27 PM

Restaurants in Chelsea

Hi, I will be going to NYC in early May and staying at the Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites in Chelsea. Usually I spend my time in NY staying in either the Upper East Side or the East and West Villages, so I am excited to explore a new area. It would be great to have some recommendations for places in Chelsea. Affordable if possible, but a splurge now and then may be necessary if its an amazing meal. I'm a lover of Italian food, as well as American. Places that I always come back to when visiting are Malatesta Trattoria in the West Village, Clinton Street Baking Co in the Lower East Side, and Cafe Linda on the Upper East Side. Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. It would help to have the precise cross-streets of your hotel, but some of the inexpensive restaurants in Chelsea that I like are Legend (not super-inexpensive, but humongous portions, so if you're going by yourself, either get a couple of small plates or get something big, but only if you have refrigerator space and don't mind having cold leftovers), Half King, and the Grand Sichuan at 24th and 9th (Legend is also Sichuan-style, while Half King is an American bar and grill). For Italian food, I'd recommend Crispo (just outside Chelsea on the south side of 14th St. between 7th and 8th), but it's not cheap but mid-priced (figure on about $60-65 a person for a meal including one or two apps, a primo, a secondo, a dessert, and a couple of glasses of wine, tax, and tip, but I base that on dividing by 2 because I never go there by myself). I would have recommended Craftbar before the last time I went there, when a portion of veal was so fibrous that probably more than 1/4 of its volume was completely inedible and left on the plate. I guess that's in Flatiron, anyway, though.

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      I'll be on 28th St between 6th and 7th Ave. Thanks for your recommendations!

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        I've heard good things about La Promenade Des Anglais...

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          You're right near Koreatown. Do you like Korean barbecue? You're also easily walkable to Curry Hill, where there are some good vegetarian Indian restaurants.

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            Not very into Korean or Indian foods, thanks though!

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            It's a bit of a walk west, but Txikito has great Basque tapas. They have a wide variety of specials in addition to their regular menu; highly recommend checking out some of the specials if you go. It's affordable, though if you have a large appetite would be less so, like most small-plates places.

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            2nd Legend, Grand Sichuan.

            Would add on Txikito (Basque tapas and pintxos) and Company (Naples inspired pizza).

            La Maison du Macaron, Doughnut Plant aren't too far either.

            Neither is stuff by Madison Square Park -- Eataly, the NoMad, The Breslin.

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              Thanks for the links, guess I skipped over it when searching the forums

            2. Not Italian nor American, but La Nacional on 14th serves pretty good rustic Spanish (real Iberian stuff) dishes.
              Also, Jeanne and Gaston along 14th for some good French foods.

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                Haven't had real Paella in a long time, Spanish sounds delicious! Thanks!

              2. Some excellent suggestions here. I will second these:

                La Promenade des Anglais
                Jeanne et Gaston