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Apr 22, 2012 12:44 PM

New Artisan Bakery and Pastry Shop in Clinton

I was in Clinton last week and noticed that an artisan bakery and pastry shop called Christie's will open next month at the corner of Main and Leigh Streets (in the building where Nino's Ristorante used to be).

Based on the information on the web site, I can't wait for this place to open. I really miss the breads that I used to get at Rise Bakery, which closed some time ago.

The web site also says that Christie's will have breakfast and lunch offerings but I'm not sure what that means. Eat in, take out, or both?

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  1. Web site now says they will open in June. Can't come soon enough, especially now that Baker's Treat in Flemington has closed.

    1. Wasn't there a bakery in Hunterdon or Warren County called....The Baker" ?? and are they still in business ?

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        The Baker is in Milford, Hunterdon County (or at least was) - - I haven't been there in a couple of years.

        A new bakery in Clinton would be very, very welcome. I used to live next door to the old Clinton Bakery - - nothing like rolling out of bed and getting a fresh loaf of bread or muffins right out of the oven - - every day. The Clinton Bakery went downhill after being sold, and eventually closed. Rise took over the space a year or two later, but had a short life, closed suddenly, and somewhat suspiciously. Before opening (and closing) in Clinton, Rise used to sell amazing breads at the Hunterdon Land Trust Farmers Market at the old Dvoors Farm in Flemington, and I keep hoping they will be back there some day. Since Rise closed in Clinton, I don't know of any decent bakery in the northern part of Hunterdon county. There used to be a bakery in Whitehouse Station - - not sure if it's still there. Anyone know of any other bakeries in the northern half of Hunterdon County (from Flemington north).

        1. re: Forklaw

          Yes, you're correct, The Baker used to have a manufacturing plant in Milford, NJ but they closed it about three years ago and moved production to some place in Connecticut. You can still find "The Baker" breads in a lot of supermarkets on the east coast. There was also a Baker retail store in Milford and, as I recall, it remained open for about a year after the production folks left. It too closed and I believe some of the employees started up another shop in Milford but I know nothing about it.

          I loved the bread at Rise and still miss it. Someone told me that the owner/baker went back to her old job at a bakery in Newark but that's all I know.

          The bakery in Whitehouse Station is long gone. I used to buy pastries there but they weren't particularly remarkable. For pastries, I now go to the bakery right next to the Clinton House restaurant. They are pretty good but I don't believe they sell breads.

          1. re: Forklaw

            Forklaw, you might want to check out The Garden Gourmet on Leigh St. in Clinton. They make a pretty good baguette but I think that's it in the bread department. They also have a nice variety of pastries but I've always felt they were overpriced. I can say, however, that the pastries at TGG are better than those at the coffee bars on Main St.

            Metropolitan Seafood on Rte. 22W carries breads from Balthazar Bakery in Englewood. Imho, they are not as good as those from Rise but they will do until something better comes along. As you might expect, the Balthazar loaves are not inexpensive!

            Finally, I've heard some good comments about the breads from Bobolink Dairy and Bakery in Milford but I have no personal experience with them.

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              Thanks for the recommendations, particularly for reminding me that Metropolitan Seafood carries bread.

              1. re: ambrose

                The breads from Bobolink are fantastic and well worth the drive. You can also purchase them at the Dvoor market on Sundays if you get there early, as they always sell out quickly.

                1. re: pitterpatter

                  +1 for Bobolink breads. One of their breads and a couple of hunks of their cheese and I'm in Heaven.

          2. Well, all I can say is that Christie's has been a major disappointment for me. I've been three times, each time hoping that things would get better. They haven't.

            I have not been for lunch but I've been there around noon and there's never anyone eating there. Most people seem to come for take out. I've had coffee and a 'sweet' each time and while the coffee is OK the pastries have been mediocre at best. Everything I've had was overly sweet, perhaps catering to the idea that sweet is good. Their pastries are simply no match for what I used to get at Baker's Treat.

            As for the breads, they too seem very ordinary. The loaves I've bought are no better and no worse than what I can find at my local Stop and Shop.

            On a related note, I understand some of the former employees from Baker's Treat have opened a small place in Milford. Anyone know anything about this?

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            1. re: ambrose

              Same experience and reaction to Christie's. Picked up bread a couple of times and disappointed each time. Not worth the trip . . . and I live just 5 miles away. Had hoped for something to replace Rise, the excellent but short-lived bread bakery that was up the street.

              1. re: ambrose

                I haven't been to Christie's yet, but I have had their crumb cake a few times when others have brought it to meetings/get togethers. I happen to love crumb cakes and do like their's as it has a lot of the crumb part vs the cake.