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Apr 22, 2012 12:42 PM

Jin dui/Sesame balls in Chinatown

Anyone have recommendations for the best jin dui/sesame balls in Chinatown? I'm talking about the small balls of rice flour, coated in sesame seeds and filled with bean or lotus paste. Addictive and delicious. Looking for restaurant or bakery rec's. Thanks!

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  1. I don't claim to be an expert but we've gotten good ones at Hing Shing, Ho Yuen and Mei Sum. Never tried the ones at Great Taste - probably should do that.

    But one caution - these things get stale rapidly, especially when displayed in the open air as is often the case. As a result, I won't buy them much later than mid-afternoon and I try to bring a zipper food bag with me if I'm taking them home. Leave them wrapped in the bakery paper and just put the whole thing in the bag.

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      I agree. It's all about how long they've been sitting. Right out of fryer with fresh oil, and they are terrific at any of the bakeries I've been to. Best time is 8-9 AM. I've particularly enjoyed Great Taste and May's. I find the ones at Hing Shing, and Mei sum taste a little like old oil to me but again it's probably due to time of day.

    2. winsor dim sum cafe on tyler street in chinatown