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Apr 22, 2012 12:08 PM

Found a nice hidden gem in Swampscott - City Grill

Has anyone else been to City Grill in the Vinnin Square area of Swampscott? I went for the first time on Friday night with my wife and M.O.L. Saw some nice reviews and decided to give it a try. It's in a shopping center and as we were parking we were already considering going to the Chinese/Japanese place next door from the outside appearance.(Advertised on the sign as a sports bar I didn't think it was what the other two of my party would be looking for). Glad we decided to check it out because it was a really top notch meal. A bit pricey $24-42 entrees but everything we ate was delicious. Will definitely make it into my list of places to go for nice dinners within 10 min drive from me in Salem along with Blue Ox, Petrillo's, Antique Table, and 62 Restaurant

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  1. Gviing this a little bumb. Surprised no one commented on this....if that means none of you have tried it you should definitely check it out if you're in the Salem/Lynn/Swampscott area...

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      I have heard great things about it as well. Will def give a try as we are in Swampy (husband's hometown) all the time!

    2. I, too, checked out City Grill recently. Funny, I live a mile away and watched the place transform from Finagle a Bagel but had no interest in visiting when it opened because it looked like more of a bar scene a la Red Rock Bistro, also local. Don't get me wrong, I love a good bar, but Red Rock has a local reputation as being a high-priced venue with a big bar scene populated with middle-aged divorcees attempting to meet their next partner. I loved City Grill. The waitstaff couldn't have been warmer, and the food was terrific and well presented. Six of us tried the calamari, the tartar of ahi tuna, both the green and Caesar salads, pancetta-wrapped pork tenderloin, burgers and desserts. Everything, and I mean everything, was delicious and plentiful. The price is only high if the pleasure ratio is low. Definitely recommend City Grill.

      BTW, I've heard no feedback on the Asian place next door--haven't run into one peprson who's tried it.

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        The Asian place next door was actually very good if you mean Aikia in the mall (as opposed to Gourmet Garden across the street which I saw someone asked about on CH but didn't get any response). Wife and I had a lunch there and thought it was one of the better Chinese/Japanese places we've eaten at in the area. They also have Hibachi but I didn't try it.