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Apr 22, 2012 11:32 AM

Dinner in June near Lincoln Park

Wife & I are returning to Chicago June 17 - 19. Will be staying near Lincoln Park. Looking for some nice dinner spots that can make a cocktail and serve good wine. We are planning to take a dear friend to dinner (she lives over looking LP) at Mon Ami Gabi. The location has fond memories since dear wife accepted my proposal nearly 30 years ago at Ambria in the Belden Statford hotel. Also need nice lunch advice near the Art Institute. Thanks.

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  1. North Pond Cafe which is in Lincoln Park. It fits all your requirements. Across Michigan Ave. from the AI is the Gage, an excellent Gastropub.

    1. I'd say Perennial Virant is the best option right near the park (their weekend brunch is fantastic too)- awesome food, and cocktails in a really cool atmosphere. A bit further, and slighter higher end is Boka- also a great choice, but between the two, I like the food better at PV.

      1. I had a very disappointing dinner at Mon Ami Gabi and wouldn't recommend it,but I do get the nostalgia attached to it.

        The view at North Pond is spectacular and IMO the food has it's highlights and lowlights.

        Perennial Virant would be my first choice for a lovely location right off the park and excellent food that meets all your criteria.