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Apr 22, 2012 11:27 AM

Scented Geraniums

I recently bought some. I'm planning to play around with them in this summers jam making.
I purchased a nutmeg and a rose geranium. (I was tempted by a lemon, but passed and bought lemon verbena instead.)

Very interested in hearing what varieties you like and how you use them in the kitchen!

Note: I've seen sporadic mentions in past threads, but thought a dedicated thread could be a nice resource.

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  1. I've not cooked with them, but use them all the time as garnish - fruit salads, tea sandwiches, small pastries, and mixed in with culinary herbs as kitchen table bouquets.

    1. Had this at a friend's house:

      Delicious, and on the show, Anne said it was her favorite recipe from her mother. I've never made it, but the friend said it was easy.

      1. I was thinking about buying some rose geraniums myself. Geranium sugar is an easy way to experiment with the flavor, but based on the scent, I am also thinking about steeping them in vodka to make geranium liqueur.

        1. The best ever: rose geranium jelly. My mom made it, and I have a couple of times. Fabulous with roast pork or roast lamb, and not too shabby on toast. Lovely pinky pale-orange color.

          You make it best with lady apples, which can be located late summer. Use a good jelly recipe and put one rose geranium leaf in each jar. Simple and delicious.

          1. I've only made geranium sugar. Herbal jellies are nice in thumbprint cookies. I tend to get too many each spring and never winter them over. Rober's Lemon Rose is one of my favorites but the leaves aren't as pretty - more like a tomato leaf.