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Apr 22, 2012 10:18 AM

Mirch Masala- S. Asheville - what a find

Foodie friends and Mtn Express alerted me to this find. Co-located w/ CinTom's Custard shop (also VERY good) this bare bones restaurant has some of the best food. It's not a date night sort of place but would be perfect for order & pick up or for a casual lunch. Great deals like a $5 lunch with plentiful, fresh food. It's like you're eating in the owners home.

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  1. We've tried it twice, and YESSSSS! So good! I imagine this is what it's like to eat at somebody's house in India. Everything I've tried has been simple, but super, super flavorful and deep. It's not a part of town that I get to often, so I keep trying to think of excuses to find myself on that end of Asheville just so I can get Mirch Masala again. The folks that run it are really nice, too. Besides, you can round out your meal with a killer custard from Cin-Tom's! I'm kind of surprised to not see more chatter about it on here....