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Apr 22, 2012 09:47 AM

Need Some ATL Recs Near Downtown Marta Stop...Going to Game at Goergia Dome

I'm several months out on this trip, but I'm in the planning phase of the trip now, so I wanted to see if I could get some ATL hound assistance to help me along with the process. August 31st, my brother and his two boys and I will be making a journey down from NC to see the NCSU/TN college football season opener at the Georgia Dome (I've actually never been to a game there before incredibly enough). We will be coming into town on MARTA either from the northeast or from the north. I imagine we'll be hanging out at some establishment for several hours before the game, getting in "game ready" form so to we need somewhere with a nice bar area, hopefully that is reasonable (or maybe even runs daily drink specials) to keep the tab somewhat in reason, AND...that serves some decent food. If Atlanta is anything like Charlotte, getting all those needs fulfilled at one establishment (especially in the downtown area) is pretty tuff to do.

Obviously with the amount of time will be in the area before the game, we could break it up into more than one restaurant/bar/grill visit. We could do our eating at a different place than our libation portion of the pregame prep, but we just need to keep everything logistically practical and simple if at all possible.

Can anyone help me with some suggestions?

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  1. You have many options near the dome from the MARTA. Check out the "Lucky/Marietta District".
    The only issue is "decent" food is all you will get. Near the dome you're not going to get better than Ok food. If you want better food, plan earlier stops along the MARTA in midtown or Decatur.

    Downtown options:
    Der Biergarten
    Taco Mac (you have kids with you)

    Bunch of restaurantsbars/pubs near Arts Center and Midtown stations

    Raging Burrito

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      Thank you rcburli...that's exactly the type of recs I'm looking for, and his kids are adults, so that's not an issue. I think we will definitely consider some earlier stops to find better destinations, as we should have plenty of time to enjoy the afternoon and evening.

      1. re: picklelicious

        I would for sure research Decatur. Easy stop on MARTA (requires change train from the north but if you have time it's worth it).

        1. re: rcburli

          The Midtown option wouldn't require a train change I don't believe, what would you recommend for reasonable e good eats in that area, and as far a a nice spot to hang out and have afternoon/evening cocktails/brews?

          1. re: picklelicious

            Arts Center Station
            Tap (on Peachtree)
            Or near that is Crescent Ave. with a bunch of spots (Vickery's or Front Page News)

            Midtown station
            The Vortex
            Marlow's Tavern
            Cypress St. Pint and Plate
            Ecco (bar/patio opens at 4)

            North Ave station
            Publik (doesn't open until 5)