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Apr 22, 2012 09:24 AM

Hangar B Eatery on Chatham, MA

Just a heads up it seems soft shell crabs are on the menu on Cape Cod. Red Pheasant had it on their menu Thur.

Today my friends and I went to Hangar B. I had a killer soft shell crab BLT (sans bacon) today with arugula, spicy remoulade and homemade sour dough bread. Pure ambrosia. Chef Erskine does it again!

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  1. Yes! My Red Flannel hash was divine! And the Softie BLT looked amazing! I can't wait to go back.

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    1. re: ciclista

      You have to deviate away from the hash, Ciclista..promise? I love his special menu!!

      1. re: phelana

        Special tell? His web site is basically just a blank page, so inquiring minds want to know. What's on this special menu?

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          Every day, Chef Erskine features specials. I cannot recall the omelette but it may have had Asiago cheese. My soft shell crab entree was a special. There are usually 3-5 items. I do find some small changes such as smaller glasses for the fresh squeezed OJ and smoothie but I don't care, the food quality and the hip vibe is worth every penny. Chef Erskine updates his Twitter with specials @hangarb so take a look.

          1. re: phelana

            Thanks for the tip! I gotta get back there.

          2. re: CapeCodGuy

            Off of a recent Twitter

            Chipotle cured salmon gravlax.. Horseradish mascarpone scallions and breakfast radish! @ hangarB come getcha some

          3. re: phelana

            Was there on Sat morning and have never not ordered the hash. One of the best breakfast iems I have ever had. That horseraddish sauce is unbelievable; I wish he bottled it.
            They offer it in full portion (with eggs) or as side. I always order something off the board PLUS the hash as a side. I cant immagine a meal there without the hash.

        2. Ok, this discussion about Hangar B has me drooling! Where is this place? Do you just drive into the airport and find your way? (I don't live down the Cape, but am counting the days until our camping trip at Nickerson....this sounds like the perfect way to start a day after a long night sleeping on the ground!!).

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          1. re: saintp

            It's at the edge of the Chatham airport and overlooks the single runway from the second floor. There's a reasonable amount of parking just outside the fence,. You just walk through the gate and you're there. Well worth a visit.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              Thank you CCG!!! I knew you would come through! Can't wait to try it.

              1. re: saintp

                Another couple suggestions for you:

                Potato donuts (best eaten hot out of the fryer). These are dense and not-suggary-sweet.

                Lemon ricotta pancakes. Very lemony, but I like them that way. Goes great with the berries they serve it with and a touch of real maple syrup.

                1. re: foleyd7

                  I will convince my husband to get the lemon pancakes.....he's the sweets for breakfast guy. I'm all eggs and savory. So that red flannel hash sounds divine.

                  1. re: foleyd7

                    I love the pancakes too foleyd7, loaded with beautiful fresh berries and real maple syrup (a must). I did have one bad experience here, however, when I had the donut and eggs benny. The donut was undercooked and still liquid in the middle. The eggs on the benny were cooked through so the yolks were hard and were swimming in a huge pool of hollandaise. I'd order it again, as I just think it was a rare miss, but I would ask for "light on the sauce, and if the eggs were not poached properly, I'd send them back rather than grin and bear it, and regret it later.

            2. We went for brunch on our first family vacation to Cape Cod which would have been, umm, I think 2008. We went mostly because we thought our 5 year old son would get a kick out of sitting in the restaurant seeing planes take off. We waited roughly FOREVER to be seated, the food was entirely mediocre and hardly anything took off or landed during the approximately 6 or 7 days we were waiting around to be seated and then eating our meh food.

              Can I take it from these reviews that the chef has been changed, the food has improved and the place is now worth it, even if we have to wait and no one really cares if the planes do anything?

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              1. re: anotherjennifer

                It's the same owner/chef who opened Hangar B from day one. The wait for a table is a factor of both a small seating area and the popularity of the food. I've eaten there on six or so occasions since year one, and all but one meal were outstanding, totally first rate. It's possibly the best breakfast I have had anywhere and that says a lot. I chalk my one ''meh'' experience to one man having an off day. Chef Erskine is a very skilled man, in this guy's opinion. I still drool over the thought of his unique and delicious red flannel hash and oh, those lemon ricotta pancakes!

                As to the Chatham airport, it's a tiny airstrip used only by small private planes. It's not unusual to see no activity on the small runway.

                1. re: anotherjennifer

                  We had one bad wait experience, but we were silly enough to go on a weekend, after 8:30 am, and with a party of 7. We had to wait over an hour to get in, but at least they served us fresh cofee while we waited.
                  All my other visits have been on weekdays before 8 am. I love going out for breakfast, but I can't stand waiting so I tend to go early. Seems anything decent on the Cape has a 1+ hour wait if you try to go after 9 am!

                  1. re: foleyd7

                    We were just there on Sat. morning at around 11am and only waited 10 minutes. The place cleared out 10 minutes after we were seated.

                    The food was absolutely outstanding, as on our previous visit. My daughter had the brioche french toast....a massive cube of perfectly soaked/caramelized delight! DH and I split the huevos rancheros and buckwheat pancakes. The huevos were impeccable with their zesty tomatillo salsa and perfectly cooked refried beans...we were swooning the entire time! Buckwheat pancakes were the only downfall...these are a gluten-free version and we must be accustomed to cutting them with some wheat flour, as they had an intense sour flavor that we just couldn't get passed. We sent them back, and the chef said they were fine and that the flavor was due to the buttermilk. Hmmm.....I make whole grain pancakes regularly with organic buttermilk and never got that result. Nevertheless, they graciously took them off the check and we got one of their decadent blueberry muffins instead. These are half muffin/half scone in texture and melt in your mouth!!

                    All in all, we were very happy and will continue to patronize this great breakfast spot!

                2. Just got back from lunch and counting how many more times we can go before we leave this Saturday. Red flannel hash exactly as described by all - fantastic, fish tacos were scrumptious, chocolate croissant french toast decadent and the potato buttermilk donut dense and delicious. The house made jams were great, in particular the raspberry red wine vinegar which was unique and addictive. At $15 for a giant jar one or more are coming back to NY with us for sure.

                  This is a must visit and we will be doing so many times hence.

                  Thanks Phelana and CCG - you never lead us astray on Cape Cod visits.