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Apr 22, 2012 09:22 AM

Monkfish Liver

Looking for a sushi place where I could try monkfish liver (ankimo). Can anyone recommend somewhere they've seen it offered? Thanks!

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  1. I would go to Matt Ito's restaurant in NJ, Fuji. Morimoto's has definitely had it, as has Blue Fin in Plymouth Meeting.

    1. Monkfish liver isn't around right now.. Just wait about a month then check it out at any of the places mentioned... Or you could try Zama

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          There is no season in that sense. The weather was hot.. When it cools like this past week it comes around. So it is available basically throughout the year, give or take pending on temp. Not around during the summer.

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            I don't have the phone number handy, but best to call Matt Ito at Fuji, and ask
            him whether he has it, and or to let you know when he gets it. I've had it there' it is a

      1. usually ankimo tends to be offered in the colder winter months. i'm topping this thread because ankimo showed up (unexpectedly!) in the sensei's appetizer plate at, of all places, yakitori boy. $7.50 if you want just a portion of the monkfish liver itself.

        1. We generally always have ankimo sunomono ready to serve. The only times we don't have it are because we haven't made it yet. You can always call to see if it's present in the restaurant.

          -Jesse Ito @ Fuji