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Apr 22, 2012 08:40 AM

30 Acres, Jersey City

We met our good friends Lowell and Rosalie for an early dinner last night at this new innovative restaurant. The place is named after Boyle’s 30 Acres which itself is a very interesting story of a wooden boxing palace built in JC for a Jack Dempsey fight.
If your interested, story is here

30 Acres is a small plates concept although several preparations were quite filling. Just don’t expect large apps followed by huge mains. What you can expect is tasty well prepared food and some unusual combinations. All at very reasonable prices
The menu is limited and for a conservative diner one may need to choose carefully.. Not a problem for me but could be for some.
The place is modern, hard surfaces are everywhere. Throughout dinner the noise level was normal. As we were leaving around eight, the noise level was high.

For starters we shared 6 delicious briny oysters from Maine (forget the variety) which came with a pungent beet and horseradish puree. Also had the grilled octopus with grapefruit, radish and marjoram. The grilled notes paired perfectly with grapefruit sauce. Nugget potatoes with bacon, crème fraiche and chives were yummy and a good sized portion. Cavatelli were perfect al dente with chicken liver sauce, chili flake and mint. My favorite of the starters, really good and I don’t like chicken liver!

Continued with the mains, Black Sea Bass, roasted mushrooms, ramps, fiddleheads. I had a taste which was very good. Pan fried skate with red cabbage, old bay and crab was pronounced delicious by DW and I concur. Roasted poussin with watercress, poached egg, sherry was good but not as flavorful as the other dishes. Last main was a different prep of the cavatelli. A veg preparation, again perfect al dente with roasted mushrooms, ramps, fiddleheads. Excellent flavors, did not miss the protein one bit.
Only one dessert (more to come we were told) but it was the perfect ending to the meal. Kevin’s mom’s lemon bars were bursting with flavor, delicate crust, just plain good!

We had a couple of nice wines with dinner, a 2008 red from the Rhone and a 2005 Pride cabernet. Only open a couple of weeks, service was excellent from the staff who were helping each other all evening.
30 acres is owned by Kevin and Alex Pemoulie, Kevin was recently the chef de cuisine at Momofuku in NYC which has a cult following. We left totally full and the bill with tax without tip came to $64.00 per couple, a very good value. Here is a link to the website but keep in mind that we were told the menu changes very frequently.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Tom! This place sounds right up my alley. Although we are never in that area, it looks like we may need to!

    1. I can see how this is going to be confused with 90 Acres.

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      1. re: tommy

        nah, there is a whole 60 acre difference :)

        1. re: tom246

          Could the oysters be Maine moonstones? Small, briny and yummy?

          1. re: Picnicchef

            Picnic, seeing your post got me thinking. I remember the server saying the type which began with a "p" and they were from Maine.
            Looked around some sites, I remembered what he said. The oysters were pemaquid's from Maine. Information on them here.

      2. Had a great lunch here today. Fluke with carrot, cilantro, and tobasco was reminiscent of the raw preps at Ssam bar and had a great unique flavor combination. Cavatelli with chicken liver was also delicious (and spicy!) beef tongue sandwich with pickled shallots and mustard on rye was really tasty albeit a tad messy.

        Dessert at $3 a piece are DELICIOUS must have lemon bars.

        Being BYOB , and with incredibly reasonable prices, and delicious food, I can't wait to return for dinner

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          Agree with you gwh, the combination of ingredients and flavors were unique and delicious.
          Does anyone know when they will have a liquor license. 30 Acres being BYOB for now is an added bonus.