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Apr 22, 2012 08:34 AM

Inexpensive lunch near 55th & Lex -- including food trucks

I have to be in this area next week. So far, mostly chains and generic delis. If it must be a chain, I don't mind Pret a Manger, but find it a bit pricey. Haven't yet tried Citibank food court offerings: anything worthwhile there? Tried Rocco DiSpirito's truck -- underwhelming.

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  1. on 53rd bet. 2nd & 3rd, you can choose between Social Eatz (Angelo Sosa's place), Obao (Michael Huynh's place), and Brick Lane Curry, all of which beat Pret a Manger in my book. There's a Grand Sichuan on 55th & 2nd and Melt Grilled Cheese on Lex. and 54th or so. I usually take a salad from Chop't on 56th & Madison. Call ahead if you go, as the line will stretch out the door, especially on Mondays.

    1. Two hearty, well-loved quick-bite places in the food court of 805 Third Ave. btw. 50th & 51st: Pampano Taqueria and Sophie's Cuban. Also, check out Midtown Lunch, made for queries like yours (

      1. Also on 55 th between Lex and 3 rd-Shun Lee,which has a prix fixe lunch- and Lychee ,another nice,not too expensive Chinese restaurant Good food,tablecloths and friendly service

        1. Adding Omar's Bakery (55th between Lex and Third) for good kebabs and Middle Eastern, Sabor del Rey truck on 60th and 3rd for Mexican, and the two Indian places on 55th and Third, both of which are surprisingly good. The places in the Citigroup building are rather overpriced, but the Italian place has a good salad bar and Chickpea is fine for chain falafel. The basement of 875 Third Avenue attracts a larger lunch crowd since they have the cheapest salad place in the neighborhood. I'd much more prefer to walk up to Katagiri for a bento box or get a spinach pie from Güllüoglu.

          1. I work at 54 and Lex and this is my rotation.
            Obao, Thai 51, Aburiya kinosuke (45th), Radicchio for pasta and risotto lunch specials, for Chinese, I only go to Land of Plenty. Seoul food truck for their baguette pork sandwich(i like their pork and the baguette they use), Ise. I also go to glaze teriyaki if i need a quick lunch.
            I also liked Social eatz but i find it too loud.