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Apr 22, 2012 08:27 AM

GOOD store bought Steaks

If I'm not in College Park, I'm in Annapolis. That said, is there a store/market that continually offers an exceptional product. I'm eating meat less frequently these days, so if I'm going to invest my time to roast / grill / rotisserie......I want to look forward to the meal, not wonder what kid of quality am I getting this week. I guess I'm tired of wasting my $$$

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  1. Have you tried Costco? The quality of their meat is good, especially for the price.

    1. Yes, Costco has USDA prime steaks at really good prices.

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        I recommend either Costco or The Butcher Block in Annapolis 302 Harry S Truman Pkwy
        Annapolis, MD 21037

        Be adviced the price of steak has almost doubled in the past month or so I had sticker shock earlier today.

        The Butcher Block is a family run business it sells premium dry aged steaks which are a little pricey

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          As I have posted elsewhere, Costco's prime meat is the very lowest grade prime (Slightly Abundant Marbling). Often their top choice is just as good and sometimes better at about 1/2 the price.

          Look over all the top choice and pick the ones with the most marbling. Then compare them to the prime. If there is a huge difference, go for the prime. If not go for the choice. It varies from day to day.

        2. Wegman's in Mitchellville.

          From organic - to grass fed - to butcher counter (including dry aged at most stores, but I don't know about the Mitchellville location) Wegman's is going to beat them all. The selection range crushes at competitive if not outright better price point.

          Wegmans - is the best. If you haven't been you are missing out.

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            I have our Wegmans (grass fed) beef steaks marinating right now - hope they are as good as you make them sound!

          2. Check out the Laurel Meat Market, on Main Street in Laurel. Just a short drive from College Park.

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              you can also check out the Dutch Market in Harbor Place off Route 2 in Annapolis

            2. OMG if you are in the Annapolis area, try My Butcher and More. Always great meat, helpful friendly service. Not the cheapest by far but the quality for choice, prime and American Kobe is always top notch.