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Apr 22, 2012 08:20 AM

Okolemaluna Tiki Bar in Kailua-Kona, any reports?

Other than a brief in passing mention in a thread on tiki bars statewide, that veered into a more general discussion, I can't find any reports on this tiki bar on the Big Island:

Apparently they try to use local and sustainable products, for food, drink and in the bar materials and previously in construction, whenever possible (I first saw a reference to it in an Earth Day article on green businesses in HI).

it is killing me that I just found out about it several weeks *after* I get back from a trip there. The menu definitely has lots of appeal, and there is a nice-sounding happy hour. Would love to see any reports!

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  1. Imbibe ranked them one of the best tiki bars out there, also they adhere to the "bible" of tiki drink making which is Beachbum Berry's books - I would recommend them based on that alone - i know my tiki drinks - however have never actually been - but before my trip to hawaii got canceled i was trying to figure out reason to go to the big island to make it there :)

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      1. We went to the Big Island at the end of February and Okolemaluna was a must see for us. We have high tiki bar standards since we live in SF and have Smuggler's Cove and Forbidden Island nearby.

        We thought OKL was great. We went twice. The first time we had the Pahoehoe, Lovely Lovely and Hawaiian Eye. The Lovely Lovely was pretty strong, I really liked the Pahoehoe.

        The decor is great and they have outside seating but I rather sit inside and look at all the neat stuff.

        The second time we went back was for happy hour. I am drawing a blank on what I had. It might of been seasonal, my husband had a Boo Loo. They have drink specials that change monthly. We sat at the bar this time and had a nice time talking to the bartender.

        Both visits were earlier in the night, I know some yelp reviews mention that it can get really busy there later. We liked that so many people who worked nearby would come in after their shifts and hang out.

        All the drinks we had tasted of quality and so much better then drinks we had elsewhere.

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            They closed...does anyone know why or what happened?

            Is there no good tiki bar left in hawaii?

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              Does La Mariana Sailing Club not count?

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                La Mariana’s signature cocktail, white and dark rum with La Mariana’s own mix - certainly not a mai tai, but could be a good drink

                from other accounts the drinks / food are downhill but the place is historic

                not saying i wont give their mai tai or zombie a shot, but i have pretty low expectations for the place as far as drink quality is concerned