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Apr 22, 2012 07:55 AM


Where in Windsor can you find Jicima? I only have it while visiting Mexico and would love it at home...

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  1. I'm not at all familiar with Windsor, but have you tried any Latin grocery stores? A quick Google search comes up with this one: By the way, it's "jicama."

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      Have you tried looking at your local Loblaw's or the other chains?

    2. I bought some at Metro in Liberty Village yesterday.

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        sorry~ i didn't read the Windsor part :(

      2. You may want to go for a little jaunt over the border ... Honey Bee Market is 2 minutes over the Ambassador Bridge. The jicama there is fresher than any that I have ever bought anywhere in Canada (Windsor or Toronto). They also have an amazing selection of other Hispanic veggies and fruit..and also have great house made fresh salsa and guacamole..they have a hot table too with tamales and other great food. I very rarely come back into Canada without stopping there.

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          Thank you sounds like I'm gong for a boarder run...

        2. Joseph's Market on Tecumseh Rd East has jicama for sure; their westside store probably has it as well. Plus you can load up on cheap limes to go with it.

          I have seen jicama in the St Clair Beach Zehr's but I don't know if they routinely carry it.

          Centro Lindo on Tecumseh near Central is I think the only Mexican grocery in the area and they carry little to no produce.