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Apr 22, 2012 07:21 AM

need ideas for egg substitute

SO glad this board was created! now here's where i'm a bit torn. i could post this in vegetarian and vegan but since it's bc of allergies i need egg substitute.

i usually use flax egg and ener-g but feel like there's something else out there that people use.

there a recent thread about gooey butter cake and feel like one day i'd like to make it, however it seems the main component is egg. not sure if flax or ener-g can do what egg does.

also i need to substitute to not have any nuts/peanuts in it so peanut butter or almond butter is not an option.

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  1. I have used chia seed (see link below). I find that for two eggs, I also add a about a 1/2 teaspoon of fat in there too (similar to a rich yolk) for baking. I am not allergic to eggs at all, but like the added health benefit from chia seeds. I used them in pancake batter and muffins- and they worked out real well.

    Here is a trial of using them in cookies:

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      Where should I start looking for chia seeds? I've never seen them before and this looks like a great alternative to flax. Would adding chemical leaveners to them help as well?

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        I buy them in my grocery store. If you have a grocery store that regularly stocks alot of Bob's Red Mill and/or specialty flours and products, they might be there. Of course health food stores have them and so do food co-ops. They don't need refrigeration like flax does, so they are on a shelf.

    2. Ener-g might actually work in gooey butter cake. there are some vegan versions out there that use it, and they look pretty darn good!

      i think chia gel has a slight edge over flax for a general egg substitute. depending on what you're making, sometimes combining it with a bit of pumpkin or squash puree works even better.

      but IMO, the best substitute is gelatin - dissolve 1 Tbsp unflavored gelatin in 1 Tbsp cold water. add 2 Tbsp boiling water & beat vigorously until frothy. makes the equivalent of one egg.

      whipped/blended tofu is a veg-friendly alternative to gelatin - use 1/4 cup per egg.

      and to replace just the white: dissolve 1 tsp agar powder in water, whip vigorously until foamy, chill, and whip again just before using. makes the equivalent of one egg white.

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      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        and again, ghg so glad you responded too :) i do like this chia seed idea over flax. i like flax too but i fins chia seeds seem to get more gloppy.

        pumpkin puree is great. i made a chocolate cake with pumpkin puree and i was afraid it was going to taste too pumpkin-y but it added a great dimension to it.

        i will have to try the agar as well as gelatin. not vegetarian over here so we're open to it.

      2. Here is a rich date cake that can be made with Egg Beaters (or whatever egg substitute). It has no fat if you use Egg Beaters and omit the nuts, can be made with or without nuts, and is foolproof. If that's not enough, you can vary it either as a delicate tea cake (by processing the dates longer) or a date torte (by just pulsing the processor so they stay in chunks). QUICK DATE CAKE: Process in Cuisinart 1 cup warm water, 2 eggs or egg substitute in equivalent amount, 1 cup either brown or white sugar, grated rind of a lemon, 1/4 tsp salt, 1 tsp baking soda, and 1 cup flour---until smooth. Add 1-2 cups dates (or 1 cup dates and 1 cup nuts if you're using nuts, which are optional) and either process until smooth (results in a delicate cake) or just pulse on and off (results in a date torte). Bake in a pie pan or an 8 x 8 cake pan for about 25 minutes. Good with powdered sugar, whipped topping, or nothing. If you scrape the yellow rind off the lemon with a potato peeler you can just put it in the Cuisinart to be processed with everything else and can avoid the grater. Obviously this is not a cake for diabetics---dates are loaded with sugar---but the recipe is so flexible otherwise that it can a lot of special diet needs.

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        1. re: Querencia

          Egg Beaters (like the egg in the carton) are still eggs, as far as allergies are concerned. And different egg substitutes yield wildly different results depending on consistency. :/

          1. re: kawatan

            I still would suggest trying the date cake because it is an incredibly flexible and forgiving recipe. Try it with the non-egg egg substitute and let us know what happens.

        2. like ghg, i often use agar agar or gelatin.
          i'm not personally a fan of flax seeds, so i never use them... that's just me though.

          i had to develop a vegan dessert menu, and in doing so, had lots of eggs to replace... you know the drill, the same subs don't work across the board. i really don't love ener-g. i can't tell you exactly why, but there you go.

          i've used soy plain yogurt + baking soda,
          as well as tofu + baking soda
          both of these bind and lift

          don't laugh, but sometimes i use potato puree. if you have other flavors and spices, you'll never taste potato under there.

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          1. re: Emme

            haha! potato puree! ok, i'm kidding :)

            i'm not a fan of ener-g either. i find that sometimes eggs not only acts as binder but provides richness and depth to foods. foods subbed with ener-g lacks flavor and jus tastes thin if you know what i mean. there's a recipe i found for chocolate chip cookies that uses a block of cream cheese. it really provides the richness that egg provides but it's just so fattening and just not very healthy.

            thank you. i love this new board! so far, no one has tried to argue why allergies are stupid blah, blah, blah ;)

            1. re: trolley

              i love this new board! so far, no one has tried to argue why allergies are stupid blah, blah, blah ;)

              FWIW, Emme's suggestion for using potato puree is definitely nothing to laugh at. it's basically an alternative to Ener-G, which is mostly potato starch with leavening agent & tapioca added. with the cooked potato, the starch granules have been activated & expanded - so there's no need for additional leaveners if you already have some in the recipe, and it provides more bulk & substance since it contains water already.

            2. re: Emme

              I'm reviving a really old thread, but agar agar is great as an egg replacement anywhere where you need things to gel a bit (I just used it in pumpkin pie for my allergic son and I thought it turned out better than the eggy version--perfectly smooth texture and with a totally neutral flavor)--I think it could work in gooey butter cake, but I haven't tried it yet.

              In chocolate chip cookies, I use a very thick greek yogurt to replace the eggs and they turn out great (this recipe but with all butter and full-fat greek yogurt:


              I've had really great luck with all of the recipes on the Post Punk Kitchen: Since we're not vegan and live in Spain, we just replace the non-dairy milks with real milk, butter (or even lard) for shortenings, honey for maple syrup/agave, light olive oil for other oils, etc.

              1. re: butterfly

                The PPK ladies are seriously some of the best vegan cookbook authors out there, and they don't use "replacers" The chocolate chip cookie recipe in Vegan with a Vengance is the best!!

                If I were making a gooey cake I would most likey use some chia seeds; I measure and then I grind them - white chia for vanilla since it blends better for color - I grind them because it gives a nicer consistancy - and I just add them to my dry and increase my wet by about 2-3 TBS per TBS of chia...Also add about a half tsp of baking powder per egg (so if the recipe calls for a tsp and 2 eggs I use a TBS - I wouldn't use more than that though as it will affect the taste). I would also use a bit of corn startch or arrowroot. I find when subbing more than 2 eggs it's better to use a couple subs rather than just one. Chia and baking powder are my go to, but for like a pumkin pie or other softer dessert I use silken tofu, maybe with a bit of startch and or chia thrown in to balance it out...I just bought a vegan egg yolk powder, haven't tried it yet but maybe I can make something that needs that yolk taste with it, not sure :) Also if artificial flavor doesn't nother you birds custard powder is good in fillings.

                I have to try the agar agar, I have some but I haven't tried it, I've used gelatin and it was ok, but chia is better.

                1. re: Ecobaker

                  Using agar agar (powder not flakes) as an egg substitute in pumpkin pie came from the PPK geniuses. I can't recommend it highly enough. It produced a perfect pie:

                  Another great site for baking without eggs is

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                    Ok you sold me :) thanks for link, next p-kin pie I make will be with agar use the PPK recipe, I've had such great success with so many if their recipes I have to give it a go! Thanks again :)

            3. You can also replace an egg with soy flour in recipes - you just need to add a bit of water to make up for the liquid - I haven't done this in years but supposedly the proteins replace each other equally well. Now I use Chia and can highly recommend it - especially for diabetics (I'm type 2). The next time I make my whole grain banana bread I'm going to replace the butter with Chia gel and see how it goes!