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Apr 22, 2012 07:20 AM

cabo san lucas

any good restaurants in Cabo?

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  1. inquiring minds need to know, please help! Thanks

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    1. re: hambriento

      Edith's, Farallon, Hacienda Cocina y Cantina

      1. re: chickanika

        You answered your own question? I'm confused.

        I'm also going to Cabo tomorrow for 5 nights. Looking for the killer hole in the wall that most tourists don't know about but that serves awesome food I can't find at home.


        1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

          yep...we took a trip in May and these were our favorites...Trailer Park is also good as well as Hacienda El Coyote

    2. Google Trapper's List - should show up but if you can't find it there try Trip Advisor with the same search.

      I can highly recommend Gordo Lele's a little hole in the wall local place that is wonderful and not to be missed. Also, Tacos Gardenias which is not far from the marina/Puerto Paraiso shopping complex. Again, nice, local and not to be missed - but only open during the day, I believe they close at 5.