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Apr 22, 2012 07:03 AM

Ralphs Garlic Ranch Dressing discontinued! Why O Why?!

Went to my local Ralphs yesterday to feed my 2 bottle a month Ralphs Garlic Ranch habit and found out that this product will be discontinued! AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!
And looking at the other brands on the shelves I noticed that no other brand has a Garlic Ranch offering.
What is so damn difficult about making a Garlic Ranch dressing?! Yes, there are Garlic Caesars, but no Garlic Ranch. It seems like a no brainer to put together Garlic and Ranch, two of the best flavors in the universe.
I looked on line and Hidden Valley makes one but, at least at Amazon, it was not available, sold out or also discontinued.
Anybody else out there make a garlic ranch dressing that you can buy or order?

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  1. I would call Ralph's Customer Service line at: 866-595-8917 ( m-f )
    Stuff looks good and anything with garlic has to be...I like to add raw garlic over my salad which has better medicinal value but it's such a bummer when your beloved product is discontinued..

    Good luck Pamplemoose and keep us posted!

    1. I've never had the Ralph's dressing, but Marie's makes a very nice "Creamy Italian Garlic" dressing that you may like.