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Apr 22, 2012 06:48 AM

Tuesday Lunch Bangor/Waterville/Augusta

Hi All-

I'll be leaving a conference in Bangor on Tuesday around 12:30 PM and heading back to Portland. Looking for a place for a quick, casual but tasty lunch on the way back. Nothing heavy - a really good sandwich would be great. I won't make it all the way to Portland without eating. Ease of access to I-95 would be a bonus!

Thank you!

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  1. Panera Bread in Augusta across from the civic center would be my choice.
    Great sandwiches, great soups, and wonderful salads. Right off I95..

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    1. re: irwin

      Wow, irwin, since you're a local fellow, for you to recommend Panera is a huge insult to the central Maine region. I assume that was your intention. 8<D

    2. I'm not necessarily saying it's the epitome of haute cuisine, but if you want a real "Maine experience", go to Dysarts right of I95 (exit 180) south of Bangor.

      1. Friars Bakehouse downtown--not a huge selection, but always delicious. Brothers Kent and Brother Donald bake their breads and offer a small selection of housemade soups and sandwiches; this place is a local institution.

        Montes International Catering, on Columbia Street, downtown. Excellent soups, sandwiches, salads, and more; only serves lunch.

        Bagel Central makes great deli sandwiches.

        Also one more place smack downtown, coffee shop-plus, been around maybe three years. Always gets high marks.

        Dysert's, at exit 180 heading south on 95, if you want a real taste of Maine truck-stop excellence.

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          Echo comments on both Friar's and Montes. Giacomo's also makes a mean sandwich, and Massimo's Bakery just up the street on Hammond Street, just past Massimo's Restaurant, makes excellent panini and crusty bread and pastries. They're only open til 1:30 but if you go in early the bread's that much better.

          1. re: rockblogsterbdn

            Giacomo's, that's it! (couldn't think of the name of it in my post).

        2. Dysarts! Why didn't I think of that? I've heard of it many times but never been. This might just be my chance!

          1. I wouldn't be able to drive past Waterville without stopping at the North Street Dairy Cone for their homemade Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Their Grapenut, Fresh Banana, Cherry Vanilla and Peanut Butter ice creams are really good too. Coming from Bangor take the 1st Waterville exit, turn left, go about a half mile (you'll pass McDonalds and Comfort Inn), turn right at the light (Eustis), then left at the bottom of Eustis. Youll see Dairy Cone up ahead on the left across from the municipal swimming pool. It's only about a mile off I-95 and worth the detour!

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            1. re: jackattack

              Hey jack, been to Fonzo's yet this year? Probably a bit too far off I-95 for the OP.

              My ideal central Maine day of dining: Two breakfasts, lobster roll, ice cream.

              1. re: Bob W

                Heading up in June, Bob, and Fonzo's will be one of our first stops! Can't wait for some Fried Maine Shrimp in a homemade sub roll, with those fresh cut fries on the side. I think that the nearby Smithfield ice Cream place sells North Street Dairy ice Cream, too. I think I'll spring for a hot fudge sundae or an old fashioned "frappe" (pronounced FRAPP for you non-mainiacs!)

                1. re: jackattack

                  Hi Jack -- yes, the ice cream places uses North Street ice cream. The frappes are outstanding. Extra thick is worth the extra calories.

                  We will be back up in July to drop my son off for his first summer at camp. Can't wait to introduce Mrs. W and my daughter to some mid-Maine classics!

                  1. re: jackattack

                    Jack - awful news! The Smithfield Ice Cream Place will NOT be open this year. 8<(. The owners posted on facebook that they have chosen not to open because they want to cut back on their work (or something like that) and while they could have had managers run the place, they decided not to do that. So I'll have to take my family to the actual North Street Dairy.

                    1. re: Bob W

                      I'll trump that awful news with some wicked good news! Check that Smithfield Ice Cream Place facebook page again, BobW !

                      1. re: jackattack

                        LOL Yay! Can't wait to bring my family. My wife is a big fan of lobster and ice cream, and has never been to Maine.

                        Extra thick coffee frappe for me!