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Apr 22, 2012 06:43 AM

Where to find fresh ramps between Baltimore/DC?

I've had a huge craving for em ever since the weather got warmer, but have yet to find anywhere that sells them. I don't want to have to travel into Baltimore/DC to buy them, so does anyone know if any stores or farmers markets inbetween carries them?

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  1. DuPont Circle and Glover Park Farmer's Markets usually have them.

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    1. re: jessica001

      Just went through the Dupont Market and basically every produce stand had them. Sure, it's DC, but they were stocked with 'em.

    2. I bought ramps at Balducci's in Bethesda last year - haven't been there lately though.

      1. My brother picked some up last weekend at the Sunday Baltimore farmer's market for $20/lb.