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Apr 22, 2012 05:47 AM

Solo first trip to Paris, where to eat in around the 4th arrondisement?

I am planning a short notice trip (arriving on May 1st) to Paris for one week and staying on 8 Boulevard Beaumarchais which I believe is in the 4th although anything in the surrounding area would be great to know about as well.

I would like to experience a few good restaurants while in Paris, but from the bit of searching and reading I've done it seems like I'm limited with how far in advance most places need reservations. I don't have any buget I have to stay under for cost, but will probably not be able to dress up enough for a strict dress code as I travel extremely light/flashpacking. I'm a solo/F so anywhere that would provide a bit of entertainment/people watching would be great as well.


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  1. I have had great meals at le dome du marais, bofinger and le grizzli, all in he 4th, but the Metro gets you around town very well, Paris is extremely walkable, and there are literally hundreds of outstanding restaurants in the city. And you can get in most places at lunch
    And I've alway meant to try Benoit

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      Thanks! I plan on walking alot during the day, so I was thinking of having something close by at night, but your right that it would be just as easy to take the metro.

      Are all restaurants open for lunch as well as dinner?
      I may try some of the fancier places at lunch then, it somehow feels a little less akward when dinning by yourself then in the evening.