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Apr 22, 2012 05:19 AM

What happened to Le Papillon on Front?

Our family has been going to Le Papillon for years. When it moved to Front Street, the same familiar menu followed. We went there the other night, hoping for the same familiar menu, and we found that it had changed. Sadly, that wasn't the only thing that changed. They no longer serve the same excellent crepes, but now call them galettes (same thing as crepe en francais). However, the awesome spinach, cheddar, bechamel and mushroom crepe is gone and the batter is not as delicious as it once was. The attention to detail in the kitchen is just not there - all of the other food we ordered was, at best, mediocre. The onion soup had little broth (mostly onions), the caesar salad was strangely spicy, and the mains were both on the small side and were lukewarm. I'm not sure if the ownership has changed, along with their new menu, but we won't be rushing back. Bring back the old menu!

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  1. There is another Le Papillon, on Eastern, close to the Beach. Apparently when the Church location closed, Le Papillon split into two entities. I don't know for certain, but I believe the ownership is different for each location. I haven't been to the Eastern restaurant, but the familiar, original menu may still be there. I wouldn't be surprised if the Front Street owners were feeling pressure to "modernize" since there's now more competition in the area for restaurants. Back in the day, the original Le Papillon was it in the neighbourhood!

    1. Yes? Hi! We don't always make the mention of the bad service but the one time it took over the one hour for the brunch to be delivered and then the waiter made the fart (with the sound) in Vashi's face.

      After the brunch we went to the Wendy's and had the better service and the food.

      1. As a side note, galettes are made with buckwheat and tend to savoury, whereas crepes are wheat flour based and typically sweet. Could it be that the items in question are not actually the same (crepe) items you had prior?

        1. As chock or mentioned galettes are different than crepes. French for crepe is crepe :)

          1. Check and

            The menu from Le Papillon Park looks to be more of what I remember from the original Le Papillon.

            From "Le Papillon Park"s Facebook page:

            After 35 successful years serving Toronto, Le Papillon partners went their separate ways and Paul, Danielle and son Stephane Bigue have opened this latest restaurant, Le Papillon on the Park.

            Come join us for lunch, brunch or dinner! See website for more information. For reservations please call 416-649-1001. À Bientôt!

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              Thanks for all of the replies about Le Papillon on Front. With the change in the menu and the "quality" of the food at that location, we'll have to try the other option (Le Papillon Park).