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Apr 22, 2012 04:20 AM

Russo's Restaurant (Saratoga Springs) . . .anyone been yet?

Russo's is open . . .anyone been yet?

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  1. Hi,
    Yes I went there this past Friday night with a party of five including two kids. The food was very good. Very nice owners. The owner Joe Russo is the chef and he has experience from his family's restaurant (Russo's of Amsterdam). We like the Bruschetta and the Eggplant Parm in particular. My daughter's sausage was also very good and definitely homemade. In fact the bread, sauce, everything was homemade. The atmosphere is beautiful and much brighter than Brindisi's (the former restaurant there), with gleaming floors, cheerful colored walls, nice lighting. Good menu and not expensive at all. A few nice kids dishes too. They had only been open for six days and the business side of things needed minor sorting out (Air Conditioning was poor and maybe a bit short-staffed) but the food and attitude of staff were excellent. Much better food than Brindisi's in my opinion.

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    1. A recent review in local blog Mamatoga was very negative.

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        Who knows what will happen with this place, there are enough Italian restaurants in Saratoga! Mio Pisto just opened also. All time favorite is Penells. I read Mamatoga's review and thought Ouch...but it is her opinion.

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          leavinglasvegas, Mio Posto is one of our favorites. In the former Lanci's and 28 Tables location.

          Only been to Pennell's once. We must have ordered wrong. Bland. Why does this place get so much love?

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            Here is the link to the correct review. This review was written by Saratogamama, not by Mamatoga.

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            That wasn't me, that was Saratogamama. Different website. I like to support local businesses, not tear them down!

          3. I just visited Russo's yesterday, seems to be some controversy between the various Russo's Restaurant owners in the upstate New York area. I thought I wold investigate, and I found that their grilled Panini sandwich to be very good, very different from the usual fair. I will be going back for lunch again, my first experience was very good also, I stopped for dinner, and was very happy with the service and the food.

            1. The original comment has been removed
              1. Someone bumped this old thread up . . .

                Russo's is now closed: