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Apr 21, 2012 11:14 PM

Parboiled rice ?


Hi, any rice experts on this board? I was reading about parboiled rice on wikipedia and everything about it sounds great. Wonder why it's not more popular? Any cons?

Also wikipedia states that the parboiling prosess infuses the rice with more nutrients. But the local brand we have at the stores-delta/riceland- I think...states that I not rinse the rice in order to retain the added nutrients? I'm confused...why have to add nutrients? Is it even the same parboiled rice wikipedia is talking about?

any input is welcomed and appreciated thanks

  1. Grew up on parboiled rice (when we had rice which was not often) - and only used it when cooking curry and cream salmon which was maybe once a month for the curry, and once a year for the cream salmon. After leaving home I purchased a rice cooker and never use parboiled rice. I have not tasted it for a while but for me -- it tastes more like bits of rubber in comparison to regular rice. I actually probably eat rice at least once a day (after leaving home). BTW I don't like potatoes (and thai is my favourite cuisine). I have not tasted parboiled for a long time though. Unfortunately in Canada and probably the US I could never find out how old the rice was at the grocery store. Fresh rice is better, in fact when shopping at a Japanese store I would ask them which was the best rice and they would tell me which one was fresh and which one was less fresh (as well as regional quality).

    I do remember a small bag of parboiled rice was quite expensive (Canada) in comparison to buying 5kg or 10kg bags of white rice. We had a Vietnamese (refugee) family live with us for 18 months and they would go through 10kg rice in no time. I usually buy about 2kg at a time and it will last me 3 or 4 weeks (guestimate) since I don't have a large family to feed.

    For me it is not a cost factor, I just prefer white rice better than parboiled. Sticky rice is very popular in the North of Thailand, don't think I have ever heard of parboiled sticky rice. Japan's staple rice is sticky as well (different type of sticky).... wonder how sushi would taste with parboiled rice :o

      1. One thing I know for sure about parboiled rice is that after it is cooked it freezes better than aother rice I have tried to freeze (long grain, basmati). I cook a large rice cooker full and package it in 16 plastic sandwich bags, freeze it, an zap it when I want it. Other rices glob together in a big smush when they're frozen but parboiled grains stay separate. Here it's sold in the Hispanic stores as 'golden" rice.

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