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Apr 21, 2012 08:59 PM

Crazy stock idea

Probably more for commercial cooking, just an odd thought I had that I wanted to get feedback on. So the idea is instead of making an amount of stock and using that stock up, make about 1.5 times the amount of stock you normally make. Then use the extra stock the next time you make stock, making the same amount of stock you made the first time. In other words, when making stock, have a "buffer" of sorts that you never use up.

Inspired by the book "sauces", the idea here is that with this method, approximately one in every three molocules(?) are from previous batches of stock, which gives the stock a greater depth and flavor to it.

That said, tell me what's wrong with this. Is it safe? *evil grin*

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  1. People do this all the time. Nothing new.

    1. That's basically a modified version of what's normally called a "double stock." It'll work, and it's safe as long as you keep that extra stock stored in the freezer (or use it so quickly that freezing isn't necessary).

      1. I do this often. Sometimes I use extra frozen stock just to stretch a new batch - when I wish to make a larger volume of new stock than the current carcass couldn't really yield on its own.

        1. Let's say you kept your stock in the fridge. It's been a few days and you need to think about using that left over stock or it is gonna get funky. Make some new stock and throw the aged stuff in there and refresh it.

          1. Okay, so this is a legit tactic, especially if you freeze the stock. Thanks for the feedback.