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So, what IS the best Middle Eastern in Dearborn? [DTW]

I always thought it was La Pita, but then I read some questionable stuff on this board, I guess after a change in location.

Are there other better options? Or do people still believe in La Pita? Do tell!


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  1. What do you like best about middle eastern food? The kabobs, the salads/spreads, the bread, the raw or braised lamb?

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      I have the same questions as VTB - I have yet to find a restaurant that surpasses others with ALL of those components. For me, hommous is important, and so are the salads, shish tawook, and pita. For my husband, the shawarma is important. He likes Al Ameer, me not so much.

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        Cedarland is great for getting mass quantities of Lebanese-approved recipe food*, at modest prices. *Not to say it is GREAT food, but it is good.
        +1 for Al Ameer and Super Greenland.

      2. I still love La Pita, but individual tastes vary.

        1. I've yet to try the new La Shish, but I do like La Pita. (I really do need to hit La Shish one of these days.)

          For dessert/sweet things, my vote goes to Masri Sweets.

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            I went to the new La Shish in East Dearborn...very mediocre, sadly to say. My hopes were high. I like Pita Cafe in Oak Park quite well (their shish tawook sandwiches *kill*, and their baba ghannouj comes close), and Al Makan on 14 Mile in Clawson has great lamb. Not Dearborn, but I've been underwhelmed lately.

            Back to Dearborn...if you're in the mood for a snack, try the little restaurant/carryout counter at the back of Super Greenland on Warren @ Miller. They have terrific pre-made pide, 75 cents each. Spinach with lots of sumac, spinach and cheese, and za'atar are all fantastic. Actually, everyone should go to Super Greenland anyway. It's a huge, clean, friendly, well-organized store with produce prices so cheap you will cry. And lots and lots of very cool stuff.

          2. i stick with my old standby of Al-Ameer, lunch is usually a shawarma salad with grilled chicken and dinner is usualy the stuffed lamb with laban.

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              Al-Ameer does a very nice spinach and chickpea salad and yummy baba ganouj. I have tried chicken shawarma there and found it only okay. I was most disappointed when my order of falafel arrived and the balls were clearly pre-fried then refrigerated. They had been heated, either in the fryer or the microwave, but were cold and dried out inside. Unacceptable. Who is frying falafel fresh to order? Also, whose raw kibbee is made with fresh lamb leg and worth trying?

            2. Not in Dearborn, but my favorite place is Malek Al Kabob in Taylor, Rminds me very much of La Shish back in the day.

              1. I'm surprised no one has yet mentioned Hamido, which has two locations in Dearborn & D. Heights. It's an extremely casual place, where the focus is on the shawarma, made the REAL way sliced off a hunk of meat rotating on a spit. They make sandwiches, or serve the shawarma with hummus and New Yasmeen pitas, but there isn't too much more to their menu. So if you want a cup of lentil soup, puffy pitas, cream chop, falafel, or the typical Lebanese-leaning standbys, this isn't the best place. But for shawarma, it's excellent. Original location is on Warren Ave near Schaefer; second location on Ford Road near Beech Daly.

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                  Al Ameer is still the best....but I also like Ollie's on Ford Rd. at Mercury Drive. Just tried a new joint called "Shawarma Place" in LaPita's old spot by O'Sushi. It's a diner type place - my husband dubbed it a "coney island of Middle Eatern food". LaPita at one time was just all right, but it has really gone downhill. Thos recommending it - have you been there lately?

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                    Not within the last year or so. What's gone downhill about it?