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24 hours in Manchester NH

I'm riding along with my husband on his business trip to Manchester next week. I plan to eat 3 meals on my own on Thursday. Can anyone recommend your favorite coffee shop, lunch and dinner spots? A few parameters: I'm a coffee snob, so I'd love to find a place that takes espresso seriously. The more local, the better. I'm not very fond of greasy or exceptionally unhealthy food. I love clam chowder. Does this sound like hypocritical nonsense or what! :) Thanks for your help! Amy

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  1. The Republic Cafe has a good rep.

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        Reputation. And yes, Republic is your best bet. It's the best restaurant in Manchester.

    1. If you're staying downtown at the Radisson, you can walk to a lot of good restaurants. Republic is a wonderful spot serving locally sourced foods with a Mediterranean accent. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and yes, a good espresso. The owners are semifinalists for the James Beard award--best restaurateurs. A nice lunch/dinner spot is 36 Delux on Lowell St, you can sit at the bar and Matt will prepare inventive seasonal dishes. $5 lunch specials. Or for a splurge, go to Hanover Street Chophouse and have a dozen oysters and their clam chowder, which is fabulous.

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        Thank you so much! I had actually bookmarked Republic Cafe already, so I'll definitely hit that one. I think I'll stop eating now, so I'm hungry enough for 3 big meals on Thursday!

      2. Shaskeen has great pub food. I love their mussels. If the weather's good, eat them outside. Go to Piccola Italia Ristorante for good Italian dishes and a great Caesar salad.

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        1. I've been impressed with Mint Bistro, which has an extensive menu including sushi. Also love Republic and they use local ingredients.

          1. I love A Caribbean Affair which is right downtown on Elm Street. I have no affiliation with the place but always recommend it. It is inexpensive and has items we don't typically see in the area. The seating area is small and there is not a lot of atmosphere, but the people are friendly and always willing to describe and explain unfamiliar dishes and ingredients. My favorites are the ox tail and the goat roti.


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              Love that place! I would recommend Lala's Hungarian Pastry Cafe as well. http://www.lalashungarianpastryandres...

            2. Thanks so much guys! Looks like I may be going back to Manchester a couple more times this year. So I'll try the others suggestions too. I have to say, Republic was AMAZING. I was completely impressed with the food and service. I picked up takeout from Delux and the items I ordered were a little more greasy than I usually prefer. Maybe it was what I ordered, but even the dinner rolls seemed to be oiled up. I also found a pit in one of the dates in my salad. grrrr.