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Apr 21, 2012 08:46 PM

Newark near Prudential Center, pre-concert suggestions needed...

Headed in a couple of weeks to The Rock to see Springsteen. I would love some advice re: places to get food before the concert that is close to the venue and isn't a complete ripoff pricewise (Many of the restaurants in the area note online that "prices may change on event nights".

Not particular about the type of food, only that it passes Chowhound muster.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Fornos of Spain is excellent for before events. Very close to the Prudential Center, too. I saw Bruce at the Izod Center....he and the band were great. Love the new album. Have fun!

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      I second Fornos of Spain. We parked in their private gated lot while we dined before a Pearl Jam show. When we asked if we could leave our car there during the show, they agreed. We walked straight up the road to the Pru Center. It was perfect.

    2. Given the somewhat limited options for anything decent nearby, you might consider going to someplace like the Orange Squirrel, which is just 10 minutes up the road in Bloomfield.

      1. FOrnos is a good suggestion. IF you want really simple - Brick City Pub right across the streest has decent food and a good bar scene (it's a little loud) but will serve the purpose and you will only have to park once.

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          Scholar, while it is nice of you to offer a suggestion, do you have any idea how 'jammed' BCP will be for a hockey, I mean Springsteen show? Think of Stan's across the street from Yankee Stadium. I'm with Tommy as to eating at the Orange Squirrel or any other place out of town (and early enough). Or you could just head into the 'Neck' for some Portugeese food ; SolMar is a good one based on knowledgeable foodie friends. Just know that you're limited cuisine wise when you travel there. Have fun.

        2. If you like southern fried soul food and aren't afraid to try something a little different, you should check out JE's, a block or two west on Halsey Street. The food is GOOD, and you won't be stuck with too many concert-goers.

          1. we had the same situation last week just before a knicks-nets game. we had an awesome meal at seabra Marisqueira in the ironbound section. it's a ten minute walk from the the Rock. watercress salad, garlic parsely cockles, pork and a glass of portuguese wine. memorable. and the price is right.