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Apr 21, 2012 07:23 PM

Smoked Recipes?

I just got a smoker and I'm looking for inspiration. I'm pretty adventurous food-wise, so nothing is off-limits!

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  1. I just finished a smoked pork tenderloin with cracked pepper - chilled, thin sliced with cheddar and blue cheese on crackers - delicious.

    Smoked fish for their own sake, and for smoked fish dip. I enjoy smoked amberjack, mullet, and marlin, but in your area (Toronto, I think) YFMV. Salmon, certainly.

    And ya gotta smoke a pork shoulder for carnitas.

    1. Smoked sturgeon is even better than salmon.

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        Indeed! Whitefish and sablefish, also.

      2. Cooking a pork shoulder/butt, whether for the aformentioned carnitas or just for pulled pork, is about the most foolproof thing to try, so it's a good thing to start with. Obviously ribs and brisket are other barbecue staples, as well as chicken, though a bit hotter and faster for chicken is often preferred.
        Beyound that, a smoked chuck roast makes great shredded beef sandwiches. You already have suggestions for fish, and I second those. I made a great "twice-smoked" ham for Easter, all you need to start is an ordinary grocery store bone-in ham. a roll of pork sausage, simply unwrapped and cooked low and slow until done (known as a "fatty") is tasty and a bit different. Many like to add to that by flattening the sausage and adding cheese, peppers, other spices, etc, then rolling it up again before cooking. I have a friend who asks me to make a few plain fatties whenever I fire up the smoker, which she then crumbles and uses in dirty rice. A jalapeno or other hot pepper, cored out and filled with something - I like cream cheese, sausage and herbs - make for a great appetizer. I've done turkey, duck, goose, meatloaf... How's that for a start?

        1. Great replies everyone, thanks! Reading them is giving me so many mouth-watering visions :) That's why I love this site, so much more informative, creative and social than just simple recipe postings.
          I'm also anxious to experiment with different combinations of foods and woodchips too...

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          1. Lamb shoulder, or even better, mutton, if you can find it. Corned beef.