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Apr 21, 2012 05:25 PM

Newport RI April 27- May 1 2012- Long Weekend - NEW Restaurants - last 6 months

My husband and I have been to Newport many times and have some old favorites. We are looking
for new restaurants to try...interesting breakfasts, casual lunch, upscale dinners...very adventurous seafood...Monday night specials? Staying at The wellington on Thames

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  1. This might be a year old but try TSK simple american cuisine pushed up a bit. it could seem a bit pricy but the food is so well prepared and never look for over flowed plates. They had an excellent soft shell crab so fresh you could still taste the salty water and their short ribs with one not even 1 gram of fat were prepared the same way with chewy Maitake Mushrooms. Then flip over the bridge to Jamestown to the new restaurant called Fish you wont be sorry.

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      Thanks - We tried TSK - I can't remember what I had but the combination of flavors, textures and freshness was great. At Fish, I had the lamb canneloni with a : "big red" - To die for very rich with homemade noodles.