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Apr 21, 2012 05:25 PM

Lumbini 322 N.charles st

Does anyone have a review of this restaurant?

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  1. Excellent off the menu, especially the interesting Nepali dishes; lunchtime buffet is more boring mainly Indian dishes but still tasty and a good price. Nepali-style sweet chai is better than your normal Indian restaurant chai. Fine service, nice atmosphere, and they are even open Sunday for lunch, if you are going to the Walter Museum and want a place to eat fairly nearby. Strongly recommended.

    1. I like Lumbini. It is an attractive, clean spot with good service (with the exception of sometimes weird reactions to coupons…) and tasty food. I find the food a bit spicier than other Indian in the area – not that there’s anything wrong with that! Friends heartily recommend the lunchtime buffet and tea, but I always go in the evening, so have no first-hand experience with it. I have had some poor experiences with carryout – getting the wrong things after waiting way too long. In the end I have always been happy with it & will return.