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Apr 21, 2012 05:16 PM

Best Thai Restaurant in Richmond, Va

Would appreciate comments on your favorite Thai Restaurant, preferably in West End area.

Thank you

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  1. There are many very good good, and a few excellent ,Thai restaurants in Richmond. For a recommendation in the West End, I'd suggest one many believe to be the best in the city, Thai Diner on West Broad. Here's a link:

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    1. re: 1Buckeye

      Thank you 1Buckeye, will give Thai Diner a try this Tuesday night.

      1. re: 1Buckeye

        I concur with 1Buckeye (Janet trivia, that is the area of town where I grew up and that spot was an ice cream place during my childhood and so I have a soft spot for it, but they really have good Thai).

      2. Took a New York City guy to Thai diner and he loved it. Kept stuffing in the food and muttering "Excellent!, Excellent!"

        I usually get the pumpkin red curry with shrimp and just keep wanting more.

        Watch out, Thai Hot is serious stuff. Get very mild and ask for extra prik nam pla on the side if you are in doubt.

        There is a branch of this place in Carytown, but we like the original near Parham Road much better.