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Apr 21, 2012 05:14 PM

Gum Syrup v simple syrup v rock syrup

I just got some Gum Syrup (small hand foods) and am trying to figure out the best way to go about testing it out it various cocktails without getting smashed :) or wasting some drinks

Can I use it as a straight replacement for simple syrup or will i still need a sweet element

the color is a darker amber so will that throw off the "look" of alot of drinks


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  1. It is a replacement for simple syrup but the gum arabic aspect will give a fuller mouthfeel and smooth over rough edges. The effect depends on how much gum arabic was put in there and how much you use in a drink. Honestly, the best uses that I have found for gomme syrup are Old Fashioneds and Sazeracs (especially with hotter, more flavorful spirits).

    Rock candy syrup is a saturated sugar solution so it'll be much sweeter than either simple syrup or gum arabic.