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Apr 21, 2012 04:24 PM

Good, Fresh Fish Restaurant

Title pretty much says it all. Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant, (apps anywhere from $8 to $20, mains anywhere from $25 to $40) that has excellent, fresh fish choices. It doesn't need to be a fancy restaurant or fancy preparations -- even something as simple as sole meuniere or a baked ono with a tropical slaw would do. Just a nice restaurant with, as I just said, excellent fresh fish options. Malibu, Agoura, Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades would be the areas I'm looking in, primarily. TIA.

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  1. I'm a regular at Santa Monica Seafood. They have a little cafe in the store, and their fish is really fresh and amazing. I finally got to Son of a Gun the other night, and must say I was totally impressed. Every dish was terrific, and the fried clams had that lovely briny "just out of the ocean" taste that made me think about them for days. And finally....though it's out of the area....I just have to mention a little place in Oxnard. I recently spent some time at Hollywood Beach, and was told about a little place in a shopping center called Fishermen's Catch. Three generations of fishermen. You literally walk in and say "what did you catch today?" and they'll cook it however you would like it. What they don't catch themselves, they get fresh from other people. And when grandpa is in the mood (usually Friday) he does linguini and clams. I miss it so much I'm actually going to drive up there for lunch next week. They also have a retail counter!

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      Do you happen to have the street location and know if they have gots a website?


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        All their contact information is in the CH place links data base. Oops! I forgot. That isn't available anymore. Well, it's at least available on that place on the Internet that starts with a G...but I'm blanking on it. Can anyone help me? What's that G spot that gives addresses and websites and stuff?'s not easy getting old...

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          They do have a website. The address is on a street called Tradewinds....but that's kind of confusing. It's in a shopping center with a Von's store. On Wooley and, I think, Victoria.

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            They have a website, and they're in Yelp. And they have a Twitter account. There's a barn door of information out there for you, Kevin!

          2. On the higher end of the fish scale, there are Catch, Hungry Cat, the Lobster and Ocean Avenue Seafood, all in Santa Monica. Moving further down the line, there are BP Oysterette in Santa Monica, Neptune's Net and Reel Inn (both in Malibu), and Santa Monica Seafood in Santa Monica.

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              Although Hungry Cat is very good, their non raw bar preparations often combine a number of tastes/ingredients and they don't like to modify. So if you are looking for a nice fresh simple fish, I find the menu difficult. Love the oysters, mussels, crab and burger though.

            2. Why not just drive to SGV and go to Sea Harbour?

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                +1. Can't get much fresher and simpler if simple is what you want.

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                  But you can't get fish sandwiches, tacos, etc. like you can at Fishermen's Catch.

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                    Was the OP asking for fish sandwiches, tacos and the like?

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                      No, but those are popular items at Fishermen's Catch.

                2. I love Fishermans Catchntoo and we eat there whenever we can. Try the manhattan clam chowder too, it is loaded with clams and fresh vegetables.The fried calamari is crispy and fresh and not frozen. We also enjoy the fish tacos and they will prepare their fresh fish for you as you order it it just as you like it. Sometimes we order the whole lobster on the grill and with corn and a side it is the beat deal in town The fish doesn't get any fresher and the vibe of the place is very warm, friendly and family oriented. I too love santa monica seafood but feel I am buying and eating straight from the fisherman st Fishermans Catch .

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                    Couldn't agree more! I stopped at Fishermen's Catch Wednesday on my way to visit friends in Santa Ynez. I bought fresh spot prawns, and we cooked them for dinner. They were so fresh and good! I was a little freaked that they were jumping around in the bag during the drive.....but it was worth it. At least for me....maybe not for them....