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Apr 21, 2012 02:34 PM

Landbrot Bakery

Anybody else tried this new German-inspired bakery in the West Village (with an LES branch too) yet?

The pretzels at Landbrot were OK, not as good as Sigmund. We tried the salted, poppyseed, sunflower seed, sesame seed pretzels.

However the pretzel rolls with cheese were great, as were the bear claws (crispy and flaky). And the rhubarb coffee cake (moist big chunks of fresh rhubarb) was delicious!

They were out of Berliners as we stopped by around 4pm. Next time!

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  1. I love strudel is delicious, and the bear claws are really good. Linzer cake is my favorite...sooo good, just a little spicy. Berliners are definitely good too. I wish I could figure out when they come out fresh, because I'm sure they're best then. I think the pretzels are solid, especially earlier in the day--while I could not be more excited about the free-pretzel-with-your-beer happy hour, my pretzel was a little stale when I got it around 6 pm.

    1. Too bad they're hiding out under all that scaffolding. No one knows they're there!

      This seems like a very good bakery. So far, we've tried the regular pretzel rolls, gouda-covered pretzel rolls, apple strudel and Swiss roll (a bread roll, not a dessert). It's all been good.. but the apple strudel is out of this world, moist and chock full of apples, raisins, nuts and sweet spices. I'm still angling for a chance to have lunch or dinner in there.

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        Alright. This place makes a mean loaf of bread. If you like dense ryes, the Berlin brot and landbrot are worth traveling out of your way for. The Berlin brot is a bit sour, with honey on the nose. Landbrot has a hint of caraway. The Berlin brot was esp. magical with an aged, raw goats milk gouda we happened to have kicking around in the fridge. Just make sure you have good teeth (or good dentures) since that crust is quite sturdy.

      2. DH and I stopped by the West Village location today, and we agree that it is a very nice place.
        I had apple strudel, and it was beautifully plated with a dollop of whipped cream, fresh strawberry and raspberry garnish, and a drizzle of vanilla custard. My caffe au lait was served in a generous mug, and was accompanied by a tiny cookie. Delicious.
        DH had a brat... served on a fresh bun with 2 mustards, ketchup and sauerkraut. He loved all except one mustard, which was slighly too grainy for his taste. (Picky, picky LOL)
        Service was pleasant and quick, and they also left a bottle of tap water on the table (no charge).
        This will be on our list of quick-stop places in the future.
        Link to the menu

        1. The LES location didn't really inspire me to try anything, so now I'm curious about giving the West Side location a chance. Everything just looked a little off, underbaked, and kind of flat. sort of like the baked goods found on morning street carts, only, not even that good. No pretzels were on display either. Now I'm wondering if it tastes better than it looks, or it's a location thing.

          1. Seems like the posters on this thread might like the cookies from Leckerlee (, traditional German xmas cookies. They had a pop-up shop on the LES, but now I think you can only order them online and possible arrange a pick-up on the LES if you email the owner.

            I can't tell you how delicious these cookies are! (And I love to bake, so I'm picky.) The owner doesn't skimp on the expensive ingredients. We bought tins for all our friends for the holidays.