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Apr 21, 2012 02:24 PM

Seeking Restaurant very close to Film Forum

We're going to a movie at the Film Forum (Houston St. betw. 6 Ave. & Varick) tomorrow (Sunday) and will want to eat a meal afterwards-- around 3 or 3:30. Since it will probably be raining hard, we want a place very close by. I like 'nino, but it's really too small and cramped for the 4 of us. American or ethnic food is fine (Chinese, Indian, Italian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, etc.), but we don't want an expensive restaurant. (Not much more than $25. p.p., before tax & tip.) Preferably a place that's not too loud so we can chat without shouting. One of us is a vegetarian, but he does eat fish and other seafood.
Any suggestions? Thank you.

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  1. i havent been, but i kinda have wanted to try KING. its on 6th ave bet houston & king st.

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      I haven't been either, but I think it might be above the OP's budget.

      Potjanee Thai on Carmine is really pretty yummy (and very cheap). You could probably also stay within your budget at Fatty 'Cue (my resto du jour lately). If you wanted to mix it up completely, Cafe Blossom (organic vegan food) has also opened on Carmine and I've heard good things.

      1. re: loratliff

        Thanks for these suggestions. Fatty 'Cue sounds very appealing to me, but unfortunately, it seems to be closed on Sundays between 3:30 and 5, which is probably just when we'd want to be there. The same is true for King, and the Thai place doesn't seem to be open at all on Sunday. (I consulted Yelp & menupages.) I realize 3 or 3:30 is an odd time to eat, but that's our schedule.

        Looking up older posts, I found references to Bar Pitti and Grand Sechuan 7th. Any opinions on those? Any other possibilities?

        1. re: Lizbet

          Grand Sichuan can be hit or miss depending upon how you order. I like the cumin beef, mapo tofu, wontons in red oil, dan dan noodles. Might be harder for the vegetarian to have a food meal.

          Maybe Spunto? I enjoy their crispy thin crust pizza. It's a sister restaurant to Gruppo, Vezzo, etc.

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            Surprised no one recommended Bar Pitti off the bat. You've already had that meal by now, but for future reference BP is quite reliable.

      2. Ditch Plains is nearby and within your price range. i haven't always been impressed with their dishes, but some things are just fine.

        1. Snack Taverna - good Greek on Bedford St.

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            I had a bad meal there that showed severe deficiencies of technique, so unless that was a one-off, I'd steer anyone away from it. My app had way too much fresh thyme, the main, way too much dried thyme, or vice versa, and it was really striking because I wouldn't have expected even a home cook to make that kind of mistake more than once. And it wasn't that cheap, considering.

          2. Thanks again for your suggestons. Ditch Plains got some discouraging reviews elsewhere, and I'm not really a big seafood lover. Snack Taverna looks very appealing. And while it's not cheap, it seems to have a decent selection of affordable options.

            1. We ended up at Grand Sichuan. We all were happy with what we had. Nothing spectacular, but perfectly good Chinese food.
              Thanks to all who responded-- your replies were very helpful.