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Apr 21, 2012 12:42 PM

Steak and lobster

There used to be a sit-down restaurant in Weston/Westwood area that served all-you-can-eat steak and lobster on weekends, like late 70s. Does anybody remember it or know if it's still open?


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  1. I remember the place but dementia is blocking out the name..:) Not open. any more.

    Nordic Lodge looks like a similar thing.

    eta...Google and a trip down memory lane...JT's was the name.

    1. Has anyone been to the Nordic Lodge in Charlestown, RI?

      Looks like massive quantities of food, buffet style, for $88 a head.

      Seasonal business. April thru December

      Does the quality of the food justify the price?

      People in my business are talking of organizing a field trip to try it.

      Thumbs up or down?

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      1. re: bluerib

        For things Iike a bachelor party, I've never heard a bad thing about the Nordic lodge.

        I know people that are all stars there. Tips like "don't eat too much bread"

      2. It was JTs. I think it was in Sudbury.

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