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Apr 21, 2012 12:11 PM

kitchen knives

We are finally going to upgrade our kitchen knives and realize it brings up more questions than answers. My wife is not a professional chief but is an amazing cook and enjoys having the proper tools. She needs a good set knives for her everyday preprepation. Like most products there is a wide range available. Each brand whether it is German, American or Japanese all have their strenghts and weaknesses. We were thinking of somewhere in the middle. I'm just learning to use a stone and have a long way to go.
I think we have narrowed our choice down to the following to brands and would love some guidances. Weight is also a factor and some knives see to heavy and not balanced properly for her needs.
My wife is left handed but has always used a right handed knife. I might get one (150mm?) that is left-handed but the rest will be conventional
120mm, 180mm, 210mm.

Here are our two choices and thoughts would be greating appreciated. I'm out of my league.

Fujiwara FKM or JCK Kagayaki

Thank you,


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  1. <She needs a good set knives>

    Try to make the set small. There is no need to get a large set especially in the beginning.

    <not balanced properly for her needs>

    That is tough because different people prefer different balance point.

    <My wife is left handed but has always used a right handed knife.>

    Many knives do not have left or right orientation.

    <Fujiwara FKM>

    A very good choice especially for people transitioning from German knives to Japanese knives. When I talked to Koki from JapaneseChefsknife, Koki highly recommend this set for people who are new to Japanese cutlery. It has some of the nice features from both sides of the Japanese and European knives.

    <JCK Kagayaki>

    Which one? There are total of 4 different series of JCK Kagayaki:

    Another very good solid and inexpensive Japanese brand is the Tojiro DP series.

    1. I've heard good things about both knives. I don't think you can go wrong really, and if you are just starting to sharpen, it is nice to have something not so expensive that you don't feel you can 'screw up'. I'd probably go for the CarboNext JCK line which is supposed to be close to a TKC. I love my TKC 240mm gyuto.