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Apr 21, 2012 10:06 AM

Kimura change of ownership

Was at Kimura a couple of days ago and was surprised to find out that Kimura-san has sold the business and will no longer be there as of May 1. He mentioned that the new owners will be maintaining the name and that he is currently looking at 3 other locations for a new restaurant but no decision has been made yet.

I've been to Kimura's on weeknights a couple of times this month (thanks to CH recs) and it was always bustling. According to the chef, the decision to sell was partly due to a number of breakins over the last month.

Its a shame but hopefully he'll open his new place soon enough!

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  1. Yeah, I've been in mourning for the past three weeks, without the heart to post about this development. I'm delighted to hear he has some spaces on the radar as that was not the case at the end of March. No one but Kimura-san can serve me uni :-). I am very hopeful he will be back behind the bar at a new place soon, but I will also miss his lovely staff who made the dining experience even better. I also got the impression he was planning a bit of a break for travel before he got underway at a a new location, which could be further west in the city. Our final omakase at the Rupert Street resto later this week will be bittersweet.

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      It sounded from one of the servers that the waitstaff was planning to join him so hopefully his new restaurant will maintain its charm and service standards. He mentioned possible new locations in Kits or on Davie, either of which would be more convenient for me, so no complaints there!

      1. re: Sneyol

        Really sad to see Kimura go. I've lived in this 'hood Collingwood for decades, and there's never been a cool (food, staff, looks, jazz records) place like this, ever. I too am going to squeeze in a couple more meals before the changeover.

    2. Visited Kimura-san on Saturday night. My server told me the news as I was leaving and asked if I wanted to leave an email address, etc. so that the departing team would be able to tell me about the new restaurant. So, if nothing else, stop by and leave them your coordinates. Hopefully, a new location will open soon (I too would be pleased by a move west). Meanwhile, if anyone learns more, please let the rest of us know.

      1. Mijune (Follow Me Foodie) reports that Kimura has resurfaced as TeriBoy at 4248 Dawson in North Burnaby.

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          Unusual name. Reminds me of that hole-in-wall Sushi Boy on Broadway near Cambie.

          1. re: LotusRapper

            The reports are sketchy - he may be just taking over the location.

            1. re: fmed

              Not much on the interwebs but does look as though it could be an outpost of an overseas chain (?). The few photos from this location don't look salutary or much like what Kimura-san would put out (iceberg lettuce on a plate, I think not). Not much further away for me than his old place at least!

              1. re: grayelf

                Any updates on where Kimura is working? Did he retire?