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Apr 21, 2012 08:46 AM

Bar La Grassa--First time

I'm being taken to Bar La Grassa for my birthday, and would appreciate knowing your favorite things. I'm sure there's a tread somewhere, but can't find it, so thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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  1. Soft egg & lobster bruschetta, and the gnocchi.

    1. That egg and lobster dish is great! This looks to be the most recent thread:

      1. The orange/cauliflower gnocchi is a must. It's sooo good!! I'd also recommend the Calamarata pasta with raw tuna. Yum!

        1. Carbonara, and, if you like sweetbreads, the farfalle. Also, if you order smaller portions, you might be able to try one or two extra things.

          BTW, if this thread continues long enough, I'm sure most of the menu will be listed. :o)

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          1. re: Brad Ballinger

            Ha! I agree with Brad. At some point everything will be mentioned. I would say you can't go wrong, but I have had 1 pasta dish there that I didn't really care for - the saffron pasta w/anchovies. I think that's an acquired taste. As for favorites, I used to love the lobster/egg bruschetta, but the last couple times were too heavy-handed with the truffle oil. But what I really do love - and there's a lot - the rabbit pasta, the carbonara, the mushroom agnolotti, the 'ndjua raviolo, and they used to have a mushroom halibut that was TO DIE FOR, but I haven't seen that in awhile. The gnocchi is also very good and my hubby loves the sausages. And for the love of all that's holy, get the salted caramel crispelle for desert. I would do shots of that caramel sauce alone and be a happy girl. Have fun!

            1. re: Seige

              Replying to myself, but we just got back from BLG. Had the lardon bruschetta and 1/2 order of penne w/shrimp and vin santo to start. Then the carbonara, veal ragu and trout w/speck and ramps for the second course. And then the chocolate caramel custard cake, lemon tart, pineapple cake for dessert. It was all phenomenal, but favorites were probably the penne, the trout (SO good) and the chocolate caramel custard cake. But again, you really can't go wrong there.

              1. re: Seige

                So just checking: you had two appetizers, three main courses and three desserts?? I think that would make anyone would happy ; )

                1. re: Tom Hall

                  Yes, although to be clear, I didn't eat that all by myself. The beauty of BLG is that you can order as much or as little as you want, but the sharing is the most fun. :) If I were you, I'd add BLG to your list of places to visit when you're here.

                  1. re: Seige

                    So, how many were there? Two, or more?

          2. I recommend the pasta negra with sea urchin, mussels and tomato and the red wine spaghetti, along with the lobster and egg bruschetta.

            As a more general recommendation, I would say stick with the pastas and the bruschettas and skip the secondi. The half portions of pastas are great for variety, and for two people three half portions and one bruschetta was plenty of food. I know many people love the gnocchi, but if you don't like a strong orange flavor in your pasta you may not care for it.

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            1. re: Quince

              I'll second the pasta negra. This is usually where I take people that don't usually go to nice restaurants and this is what I make them order to step out of their comfort zone and I've heard nothing but rave reviews.

              A personal favorite is the foie gras tortellini but if you don't like foie gras or haven't had it I'm not sure I can recommend it.

              For an appetizer I like to get the prosciutto and cheese, it sounds boring and I suppose it kind of is but if you've never had good quality prosciutto and cheese it awesome. Its also a big appetizer so its a good one to share for a few people.