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Apr 20, 2012 05:55 PM

South Shore

So we just moved to Hingham from Charlestown, and have been searching for good places to eat. We like Tosca, but the menu is getting a little boring . We liked Bia Bisto. We have had good luck at Burton's . We just ate at Alba and were very disappointed. Remicks was a let down as well. Where else should we try. Maybe we should just give up on the South Shore and move back to Charlestown :-).

What should be next on our list?

We like all kinds of places and price ranges.

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  1. Try Square Cafe in Hingham and Saporito's in Hull. Also, for casual but amazingly fresh fish, Jake's in Nantasket Beach, which is only open seasonally but it probably open by now, at least weekends. That is also the best place in the area to buy fish to make at home. For fabulous sandwiches, 5 South Main in Cohasset village. There is a fairly long South Shore thread that should also help, just search South Shore at the top of the page.

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      We tried the Square Cafe awhile ago, and I forgot all about it. We will have to go back. I am adding Jake's and Saporito's to our list. I think I will go over to Jake's today and get some fish from the market. Thanks so much for your input! We will put it to good use.

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        You are most welcome! Forgot to mention, reservations are a must at Saporito's, it is tiny. And here is the thread I mentioned, it was started awhile back but does get updated.

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      1. When the weather gets nice check out the The Old Salt House which is attached to the Atlantica. I don't think they are open for the season yet. It's great sitting outside at Cohasset Harbor and watching the lobstermen bring in their catch and bring it to the restaurant. Their burgers are pretty good too.

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          Thanks so much for your reply. That sounds like a great place to go! I am adding it to our list right now. I will check the opening date.

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            I will second the Saporito's recommendation - it is my favorite restaurant in the area...a little kitchsy in the decor but the food is fabulous - don't be alarmed by the exterior either! I would also recommend Cafe Tosca, Square Cafe, Scarlett Oak, La Dalat (hull) Oro (in Scituate), Hola (marshfield) and Sintra (braintree). Circe's Grotto (North Scituate off 3A on the cohasset/scituate border) for breakfast sandwiches and lunch is wonderful as well - not to mention that the cookies are to die for! Weinberg's bakery in Hull has great pastries and sandwiches too. We've got it pretty good compared to some other suburban towns!! Still doesn't match the city, of course!

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            The Old Salt is open on the weekends at the moment. I believe Memorial Day weekend they'll open with a full schedule for the summer.

          3. Trattoria San Pietro in Norwell. Service is hit or miss but food is fantastic

            1. I would check out the Snug for more casual pub food as well. Some of the best steak tips around. Toast in Hull is a good casual breakfast spot as well. Small and gets very packed so you may have to wait in line but its good