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Apr 20, 2012 04:38 PM

Where to go in Toronto for good Moroccan food?

I recently had an amazing dining experience at a Moroccan restaurant in San Francisco and am wondering if Toronto has any good Moroccan restaurants? Couldn't find much in the threads, except one from a couple years ago Marrakech which appears to have closed.

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  1. One of the best Moroccan restaurants in town was near Eglinton West and Allen Road but the owner/chef decided to retire. They were Moroccan Jews so everything there was no pork or butter but it didn't matter because the food was amazing. Unfortunately, they're gone.

    I think there's the Sultan's Tent but I don't think it's very good. I believe it's fusion and more focused on the belly dancing and theme rather than authentic Moroccan food.

    I have yet to find a new Moroccan restaurant (they are scarce in Toronto) that can replace my former go-to place.

    1. TeacherFoodie, in your earlier thread, I mentioned Walima on the Danforth. I haven't been, and most Chowhounds were not impressed in older reviews (which can be found through Advanced Search- it is possible search the entire archive, the last 5 years, or even a specific date range) , but some people on other resto review sites seem to enjoy it.

      Don't forget that Google is another great tool for finding restaurants in Toronto, if your initial search on Chowhound doesn't find much.

      Below this thread, on your screen, you should also see a previous thread entitled "Help me find this Moroccan restaurant".

      1. If you ate at Aziza in Frisco you unfortunately won't find anything in Toronto in the same league.

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          radiopolitic, what places in Toronto do you like nowadays?

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            I agree. When I want Moroccan, I tend to cook it at home, with the caveat that I've spent an extended time in the country (and possess a miniscule amount of kitchen ability), which tends to make for if not a great product, then at least better than Toronto has to offer.

          2. What about Taste of Tunisia across from Walima? They have couscous and merguez, I think. I went there when it was Djerba la Douce and it was good, and it looks like the same menu, so maybe same owner? No alcohol, though.

            1. Walima is good, although I've had better. There is a place called "Marrakech" with a yellow and red sign a little further west of Walima that makes an outstanding Lamb with raisin tagine. I haven't been in about a year though.

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                ALthough not a pure-play Moroccan, Mideastro in YOrkville has a spectacular $14 dessert of mint tea and Moroccan cookies....six different handmade cookies flown in regularly from Morocco and served on a metal tray with mint tea in tinted/painted glasses just like they do it in Morocco. Serves two , but you have to ask for a second glass....Even the MINT in the tea is imported with the cookies and tea tray. Nice on the little patio out front for a mid-day break with a girlfriend..... and the food overall is very good too, although priced for the incoming FOur Seasons clientele. And I've never seen beet soup or salmon in the middle east.