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Apr 20, 2012 04:35 PM

What is a good seasoning for LLAMA meat? Ideas please.

I know I need to go to 160 degreea. This will be cooked over an open fire.

I would like to inject it also.

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  1. The flavor of Llama is, IMO, somewhere between a good lean beef and lamb. I believe you could use just about any seasoning that would work with either beef or lamb and end up with a very fine result. I'm not a big fan of "injecting" meat (except for poultry) with flavored ingredients but again the herbs and spices for beef and/or lamb would seem suitable.

    1. I would take a look at some game recipes, like antelope or even venison for ideas.

      1. New territory, JB. I suggest lots of deeply inserted garlic slivers, for starters. You want an early smell-good that will burn off, probably rosemary. You should have a flavorful baste low on flammables for re-moisturizing every half hour or so. For the last hour, a sauce with some sugar for a good bark, or maybe with some orange juice concentrate. Flying in the fog here, pal.

        1. Thanks everybody. I willl be checking back often. I really woulds like to make it some great meat.