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Apr 20, 2012 04:26 PM

What to bring to birthing class last night?

Hi there!

My husband and I are having a baby in about 4 weeks, and we are nearing the end of our birthing class. We have class on Wednesday nights, and I thought it would be nice to bring some sort of snack for the last night. We haven't gotten all that close with the rest of the couples, but we all do enjoy each other's company and the teacher is really sweet.

I'd love some specific recipe suggestions for things to bring. I'm thinking cupcakes or bar cookies or any individual treats like that. I have to carry them on the subway, so no big, luscious cakes that will topple over.

I want something that's pretty and festive-looking, but that still tastes great. I have seen all the ladies at least eating various things, so I don't think anyone is gluten-free or vegan. If they are, then I guess they'll have to be out of luck.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. would a festive looking fruit salad carried in a zip lock bag (double bagged) work? strawberries and kiwis and mangoes look great together, with some blueberries or blackberries added in. poppy seeds perhaps? or some roasted nuts?

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      I'm looking for something in individual servings, but great suggestion!

    2. I like Madrid's suggestion of roasted nuts. I think s/he meant them as a topping for the fruit salad, but a cellophane bag of sweet or savory nuts is a lovely gift, and gluten-free, so you're covered.

      If you're not worried about gluten, traditional sweet madeleines or savory ones (cheesey with herbs like chives or thyme.

      Congrats on the little one!

      1. I'd go easy, clean and classic -- say Seven Layer Bars, or Brownies, or Chocolate Chip and/or oatmeal Raisin cookies.

        Otherwise, you could do mini cakes (like mini muffin size) -- scoop them out a bit, fill them as you like, etc. I do a Samoa version where i dip the bottom in tempered chocolate with a little butter to create a "shell" around the bottom of the cake. I fill a hollowed portion with caramel sauce mixed with toasted coconut, and i drizzle with a little more chocolate tempered with butter. if that's too intensive, you could make mini cakes, fill em with custard and sprinkle with something like streusel or chocolate powder or nutella powder or caramel powder.... options are endless. and you could transport them in the original baking tins.


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            I like the idea of seven layer bars. Or lemon bars. When I was pregnant I would get a craving for lemon bars after dinner and bake up a fresh batch. Most nights I would fall asleep before the bars were cool enough to cut....

            Whatever you decide to make...bake a double batch to stash in your freezer! Once that bundle arrives (mine was three wks early) you won't see the inside of a mixing bowl for a looooooong time!