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Apr 20, 2012 04:10 PM


does anyone know where to find a good version of the Russian dessert in L.A.?

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  1. Not sure where you can find it commercially but last Sunday morning (about 2 AM) any Russian Orthodox church, and most other Orthodox churches would have been serving it for free. It was Orthodox Easter (Pascha) and it is the traditional breaking of the Lenten fast. I have great respect for the cooking talents of expatriate Russian babushkas and suggest if you can't find it you show up next year around 2 AM at an Orthodox church. If its a Greek church there will be lamb to die for as well.

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      thank you so much. the only time I tasted it was at a Russian church in Switzerland and that was years ago. took me completely by surprise and have wanted to taste it again ever since. I don't usually eat at 2AM but I'll start preparing now!