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Apr 20, 2012 04:07 PM

Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville recommendations please (researched)!!


I've done some research on places to eat at all of the locations mentioned in the title and I would appreciate some advice on the same. This is for a group of 3 people, visiting Spain for the first time. Nothing too expensive so anything in excess of a 50-60 euros pp is out. I may have some of such places on my list so please help me ID those. Here goes,

1. Quimet Quimet
2. Paco Meralojo
3. Euskal Etxea
4. Sant Joan
5. Botafumeiro
6. Takita Berri
7. Sant Pau
8. Gaig
9. Alkima
10. Quim in Boqueria
11. Kaiku

1. Astrid & Gaston
2. Juana La Loca
3. La Barraca
4. La Terraza
5. Casa Lucas

1. Vineria San Telmo
2. Puracepa
3. Enrique Beccera

1. Casa Jomi
2. Ca'Sento
3. Restaurante Levante
4. Casa Roberto
5. Lloc de Tapes

Anything that I should remove or add?

Thanks a lot!!

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    1. re: indiefoodie


      "Nothing too expensive so anything in excess of a 50-60 euros pp is out."

      In that case, Botafumeiro, Sant-Pau, Gaig and Alkimia (except for lunch) are out of the question.

      At Astrid y Gaston you'll have to order carefully. La Terraza del Casino will be impossible.

      1. re: indiefoodie

        While I enjoyed my visit to Casa Jomi in Valencia, keep in mind that it is not in the center and requires a bit of a taxi ride to reach (I did not investigate public transport). Their forte is cured/smoked/salted fish and if you are averse to that for any reason, it might not be worth the trek for anyone watching their budget. Do not expect any English to be spoken by staff, so come prepared with a list of translations if you do not speak Spanish, since quite a few of the fish and their preparation methods might be unusual to non-local diners.

      2. Just having returned from Barcelona,Spain, I would definitely recommend Kaiku (sit outside on nice day) and
        Paco Merlago. These should be within your price range. Also found gastropub in Poblenou
        neighborhood called A'ro Gueira on Maria Aguilo that was excellent. These all should be within your price range. Or a meal you will never forget, El Celler de Can Roca in Girona. This will NOT be in your stated price range though

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I was in Barcelona and Madrid earlier this month...........

            2. Paco Meralgo (pa comer algo/ something to eat, kind of)) was excellent. One of my favorite meals of the trip. Make a reservation, even the day before is fine. Excellent seafood, simply prepared. Comfortable setting with good service.

            9. Alkimia. Let me just say, go. Go for lunch. Best meal of the trip. Prix F. was inexpensive for value, delicious and endless. Mine was fish/seafood and it was every bit as good as my lunches at Le Bernadin.

            10. Quim. Very good meal. Shrimp in cava was excellent as was the mushrooms/poached egg/foie. Pulpo, pre cooked sitting out on top of the counter to the right, was not very good.


            3. La Barraca. Good paella, nothing very special. Comfortable, reasonably priced, solid service.

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            1. re: stuartlafonda

              I'm in Barcelona right now, staring out my hotel window onto La Rambla, and can definitely confirm that El Quim in the Boquería is not to be missed. In particular, one of the house specialties, at just under €20, is fried eggs with grilled onions and a balsamic reduction topped with seared fois gras, and a pinch of sea salt, was one of the most delicious things ivenever had the pleasure of devouring.

              1. re: CompuDude

                My version of that dish was a mountain of mushrooms with the egg, foie and yes, a balsamic reduction. Your version sounds better for those that don't love mushrooms.

                1. re: stuartlafonda

                  I do NOT love mushrooms, so yes, I'm glad I got the version I did! It was truly sensational, I must say. I'm still thinking about the taste, a day later, wondering how soon I can justify going back!

            2. Hi, I'm new here, and joined pretty much to answer your initial post.

              I've been living in Spain for about 10 years, 9 in Madrid and now in Valencia, and am a bit of a foodie so I hope I can give you some pointers. Can't help much with Barcelona or Sevilla I'm afraid.

              In Madrid, in the budget you're working with, I'd make the following recommendations:

              1) Lua
              2) Sacha
              3) Balzac (very decent menu at €40)

              I'm not familiar with numbers 2 or 3 on your list, but I think Astrid and La Terraza (I'm assuming you mean La Terraza del Casino) are outside your budget, the latter especially so. Casa Lucas, if I'm not mistaken, is more of a tapas place near the Cava Baja, if you're keen on tapas, I'd avoid La Latina/Cava Baja which has become too touristic, and head to the area immediately east of the retiro, to places like La Montería, Laredo, La Castela, Carlos Tartiere.

              In Valencia, Ca Sento is outside the budget as well, unless perhaps you're very careful with what you order (they have a €50 lunch menu I believe). Could be worth the splurge though.

              I'd make the following recommendations:

              1) La Salita
              2) Samsha
              3) La Cuina de Boro

              La Salita is probably the best value-for-money restaurant I've ever been to.

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              1. re: avrv1

                Ca Sento, after 33 years, has just closed