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Apr 20, 2012 02:42 PM

Ok to wear jeans at Bazaar?

I am packing for my trip to LA next week and need some help. I will be going to Bazaar and yelp lists the dress code as "dressy." Since LA is much more casual than the rest of the country, I am hoping I can get away with wearing a pair of dark jeans, a cute top and heels. I'd rather not pack a dress or dress pants for just one night. But I also don't want to feel out of place. Thoughts?

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  1. No one wears dress pants in LA (well practically no one). It's either trouser like designer jeans, skinny pants (black or colored or jeans), or a little dress. You'll be fine.

    1. i most definitely felt overdressed wearing dress pants into Bazaar. LA dressy = nice jeans and a blazer.

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        I've been there twice, and found the crowd dressed up to the nines but hip and fashionable, Mainly in bar centro and late at night around midnight, when the trust fund babies and the "it" crowd arrives. I say dressy skinny jeans and a nice top, jewelry and nice heals should be fine, trousers is too business, also, a little black dress is never out of place, I always pack one when traveling.

      2. Great, thanks everyone!

          1. This restaurant in fact caters to young people in jeans who value style over substance.